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How to Play Xbox 360 Games on PC 2018

Who doesn’t love to play games right? In fact everyone loves playing games whether it is computer games or console. However, playing Xbox 360 games on PC might be difficult for game lovers. Xbox 360 is one of the legendary game consoles that were made by the giant Microsoft. Therefore, there are many games which are available only on Xbox. Apart from that, the Microsoft Company has released various types of games which attract millions of game lovers to the Xbox. But most of the people cannot afford Xbox and yet want to play Xbox 360 games. We can understand your problem, as most people could not afford to play Xbox 360 games. However, we have a simple solution of your problem. You can play Xbox games on your PC.

Now you must be wondering how that is possible. Right? Well to plat Xbox 360 games on your PC you need an Xbox 360 Emulators. These let you play any Xbox game on your PC. Xbox 360 Emulator will bring you thousands of games, entertainment and experiences. In fact, once you get this Xbox emulator for PC, you can play any games anytime without any worries. Some steps have been provided down below that will ensure how you can use this on your PC.

How to Play Xbox 360 Games on PC 2018

So, we have gathered some tips through which these emulators can let you play games like Halo 4, Forza Horizon and much more on PC. Let us move on and see how to play Xbox 360 games on PC with the help of Xbox 360 emulators.

Requirements to Play Xbox 360 games on PC

  • First thing you need to have Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64bit minimum.
  • Your PC must have 2GB RAM in order to play Xbox 360 games on PC.
  • You must have enough hard disk space in order to install Xbox 360 emulator and games as well. Since most of the games are at least 4-7 GB which might take lots of space on your PC.
  • It is recommended to have graphics card like NVidia GeForce FX or Radeon 9200 Pro.

Steps of Download and Install Xbox 360 Games on PC

  • First you need to download the Xbox 360 emulator from the genuine website. This Xbox 360 emulator for PC works on Window 8, window 7, windows vista and window xp. Or else you can download the Xbox 360 emulator from Here.
  • Once you are done downloading the Xbox 360 emulator on your PC. Now, search for the file location on your PC and open the file.
  • After you have opened the file of Xbox 360 emulator, then you will be asked to provide the Game Disk. Or else you can insert a disc image like MagicDisc application in order to mount it.
  • Now, click on the main menu and while it is loading type the game name in the box and begin with the installation process by clicking on installing option.
  • Wait for few minutes, since it might take time to load the game depending on the resources. Moreover, it is unofficial released Software to install Xbox360 game on PC. Therefore, there are chances that you might face major issues while installing it.

These are the steps which you need to follow to play Xbox 360 games on PC. Once you are done with the steps in the above then you are ready to play the games easily on your PC. Let us checkout the feature of Xbox 360 emulator, in order to know more about the Xbox360 emulator.

Specifications of Xbox Emalator

  • It can help you to boost the power of your PC easily.
  • Through the game processors you can easily save and load any games on PC.
  • Xbox360 emulator offers you different screen resolutions according to your desire.
  • Lastly, it also provides you the support of CPUs like SSE3 and SSE4 that can help you to play any Xbox 360 games on your PC.

You can download these two emulators for your PC like CXBX Xbox 360 emulator and Xeon Xbox360 emulator to play Xbox 360 games on your PC.

Steps to Load Games on Xbox 360 on PC

The steps are quite easy to follow, all you need to do is read it and start loading Xbox360 games on PC:

  • First thing you need to open the Xbox360 emulator which you have downloaded before and then click on the “File”.
  • Now, select the “Load From” on your PC.
  • In the next step, select the “Disk” and locate the game which you wish to play on your PC.
  • Now, click on it and start uploading the game which you wish to play.
  • However, this might take little time, so wait for a while until the loading process gets done.
  • Once the process is completed, you will get notification and start playing the game which you want to on Xbox360 on your PC.

Therefore, this is how you need to load your games on Xbox360 emulator on your PC. However, apart from that, there are some important tips which we would like you to read it. This will help you to run your favourite Xbox360 gamesquite smoothly.

Points to Remember:

Basically, Xbox game comes with large graphics requirements and also requires more power is needed to run the Xbox game on your PC. So, I would suggest you play your Xbox games on console mode and on large screen through which you can get the best experience while playing the games. Moreover, different Xbox games have different running capacities and few games runs smoothly


Above we have mentioned all the steps where you can download the Xbox 360 emulator for your PC which is important for you to follow. Therefore, if you own a computer and have windows 8 or the other operating systems, then you can play Xbox games easily on your PC by just downloading it on your PC. Therefore, having an Xbox 360 emulator for your PC is worth playing any types of games on PC since it is just like Xbox 360. So, to play Xbox 360 games on your PC you need to have Xbox 360 emulator by following the steps above mentioned and start downloading and start playing on your PC.

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