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How to Use Tinder Without Facebook

Facebook has become common these days with the increase of its user from all over the world. People hardly visit any other social networking sites that have no like buttons or other features like on Facebook. Speaking about the Tinder App, it is not less popular than Facebook as it is regarded as one of the most top rated dating application in the world. It works impressively by finding out the location of the user who is nearby. Get the opportunity to meet people by chatting with the people who shares the common interest same as you. Similarly, just like other social sites such as Facebook, you will have to create Tinder account and then sign-in to use it. As we have seen that most of the sites do not provide signing-in options of their own. Most of the social network websites request to log-in using your Facebook account. Here, we will learn How to Use Tinder without Facebook Account signing-in.

Since most of the people would not like to get involve mixing their personal and social networking life. This is the reason why people those who are engaged into Tinder social sites don’t like to sign-in with Facebook. In doing so, there is a high chance of letting your Facebook friends know about your dating sites. So to avoid the risk of getting your Tinder dating lives get public into Facebook social sites. You are now might be thinking how to actually solve this problem, speaking of which here we have a solution for you.

Reason Tinder Should Not Be Linked To Your Facebook Account:

Tinder App needs to get an access to some information about the user from their Facebook Account. The reason is simply to prevent a situation such as abuse and with Tinder getting linked with your Facebook it usually shows the profile of your Facebook account to several other Tinder account users.

But do you know that there are many reasons Tinder should be linked to the Facebook account, know the reasons right here?

  • Accessing into your Facebook Contacts: Allowing the Tinder app into your Facebook profile gives it the access to collect all the necessary information that it needs. Like the application will search for the perfect match contacts from your friend list. In the process, Tinder will expose all the news that you did not want people to know in Facebook without letting you know about it.
  • Sync of Photos in Automatic mode: You may not be aware of this but Tinder sync your entire photos from your Facebook account in automatic mode. It is because when your Tinder account gets an access to the information of Facebook profile it synchronizes the photos automatically.
  • Online Privacy information gets leaked: As a matter of fact, all the information of the dating in Tinder is stored in the web as history. If your tinder account has an access into Facebook then there is a high risk of leaking the information into public, especially in the case of your dating account being hacked by someone.

These are few reasons that you must know why you should not link you Tinder account with your Facebook.

How To Use Tinder Without Your Facebook Account

The very first thing that we can think of is the privacy settings of Facebook account, by bringing the changes into the Tinder Application priority of your Facebook Account. What you can do is set up the limitation of the privacy settings into your Facebook account.Follow the instructions to start using Tinder without involving your Facebook account. It is very simple and easy to easy to perform.

  • Step 1: First of all, you will have to visit the official page of Facebook and then sign-in to your Account. Now click on the “arrow icon” which lies just next to the notification bar on your Facebook page.
  • Step 2: Now simply click on the Settings option from the drop down menu of Facebook. After you click on the Setting option, you will be taken to another webpage, so now click on the APPS option which is present in the sidebar.

  • Step 3: Now in this Apps page as you will see all those apps which are connected with your Facebook profile, so find Tinder App on the page. After you find it simply click on it and then change the “App visibility” into only me

That is it, from the moment onward Tinder Application will not be able to post anything into your Facebook Timeline. This is the way your Facebook friends will not get anything into their news feed, your friend list will not be able to find out anything in your Facebook profile timeline.

How to Re-create Your Facebook Account to use Tinder?

Replacing your Facebook with a new account is the alternative way to avoid your friends for using Tinder Application.So, here we will learn how to make that happen just follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Go to the Facebook official page where you generally goes if you want to make a new Facebook Profile. So here you are creating a new Facebook account for Tinder, so again you need to do the same thing that you have done to create your Facebook profile.
  • Step 2: Enter your first name, Surname, Mobile number or current email address and then the new password. After that, you will have to fill up birthday details with date, month and year. Select Gender Male or Female and then click to “create an account” and wait for a while.
  • Step 3: Launch the Tinder app, and then click on the settings gear which lies just at the top most on the corner of your left side. Find the way to the App settings, click to select the logout option and confirm it.
  • Step 4: After you finish signing out your Tinder Account, you can sign-in to new Facebook Account which is ready to use. Start to get engage your Tinder profile with your new Facebook account to make the limitation of sharing information in the social network.

Linking Tinder App with your new Facebook account will share or provide information to only selected people. It avoids the sharing of any unwanted information and will let know only to the people who are in contact with in the Tinder dating application.


So, these are the some of the information that you need to know how to use Tinder without Facebook. Now if you want your dating life to stay private then you can make that happen, there is absolutely no way of getting exposing into the public. Follow the provided information with details to ignore all the chance of letting your friends know about using Tinder App. In this manner, you will be able to maintain your private life separate from the social networking site.

Tinder is a best dating social networking site where you get to meet people with same thoughts and likes. Right away you can start using Tinder application without engaging with your Facebook account by setting up the privacy. Instead of that, you can also start to use Tinder to date with your favorite one by letting the whole world know about it, just make sure you use the new Facebook account with a limited friend list.

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