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Top 15 Best Games Like Stardew Valley 2018 You Should Play

Today in this post, we will discuss about Top Best Games like Stardew Valley You Should play. Stardew Valley game is an indie farming game developed to play on the computer. Speaking of the game, it is an amazing game that provides hours of fun and entertains you at the fullest. Already complete playing the game on you selected windows OS, want to try something else and more different. The game Stardew Valley was released earlier in the year 2016. It was an exciting thing for the games those who are fond of farming RPG title on their windows PC.

Try out something new to play the game by replacing with the Stardew Valley. These game which we are about to discuss below is best for the people those who love to farming simulation games. Check out the complete information of the Top 15 Best Games like Stardew Valley.

List of Top 15 Best Games Like Stardrew Valley 2018

World’s Dawn

In the world’s Dawn one has to get engaged in different activities of the small town. Make friends build a relationship, look for the lover also harvest the crops and maintain a farm, etc. The player will be provided will the elements that are necessary for a life simulation game.  It is rich in its features as you get to explore like 32 different townsfolk. The game is filled with the charming characters to choose and a dynamic village to settle down.

Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve is an excellent wild survival game without anything such as compromising. In the gameplay, you will not get any help or any single instructions. Start the game with simply nothing but a craft and hunt. Make a research and fight to survive to complete the task of the game. The visual is dark consisting of the 2D characters and also with the unique 3D world.  Discover the place and collect resources and use them to live in the game.

Tides of Destiny

Tides of Destiny are one of the interesting games that are filled with lots of activities to explore. They start right from farming to cooking and crafting items too. Not only that, the player can also take part in the competition of festivals. Witness the world of the dangerous monsters, search to find out the valuable treasure and lots more. Choose the character of the game either boy or girl, the game is totally packed with lots of exciting adventures to be explored.

Fantasy Life

Take a journey that allows you to build your life and the adventurous journey to carry on. Board on the adventure of the dream of your life by craft, dish and mine battle, to explore the world like you never did before. Using the innovative life system in the game, your options will not just simply upgrade the characters. Also, they will guide you to lead in the journey. Explore the places of wonderful landscapes apart from then sick pirate captains and many others.

Recettar – An Item Shop Tale

Recettar is the game based on the story line of an item shop, the life of the girl has changed and turned into upside and down by the fairy. In the game play, you will have to manage all the aspects of an item shop, starting from the stock to the interior design. You will also get to expose the randomized dungeons along with the fun of multiple adventures.  Play game mode into survival or the game Recettar in the endless mode.

Rim World

Rim World is a Science Fiction game which shares the similarity with Stardew Valley. The game starts with three survivors of a shipwreck which is on a far world. Build the colonies on places such as desert, jungle and in many more places. Decorate it in the ways you wanted, and each time you play the game you will discover out the new world. Take a capture on the refugees or prisoners in the Rim world, simply turn them into your side or sell them as slaves.  Also, make a trade with the passing ships and trade caravans too.

Wild Season

Wild Season maintains the similar style of gaming like that of Stardew Valley, and with almost the same objectives. Start the game play as a young farmer where you are destined to buy new land in the rural town. The objective of the game is to tackle the land that involves the boulder and logs. Wild Season is being focused mainly on its storyline and is very fun to play the game.

Harvest Moon – Friends of Mineral Town

Harvest Moon game is about the farmer living in a Mineral Town who works on the field of crops. In the gameplay, you will get to feed the livestock and the same time sells the goods. Explore each corner of the town to look for the ways to make money, find a girl of your life and make a family. Select the variety of vegetables to plant and harvest it, raise animals and take a good care of them.  There is no limitation set to walk in the path of the Mineral Town, in one word it is filled with lots of journeys to make.

Shepherd’s Crossing 2

Shepherd’s Crossing 2 game is a good replacement to the Stardew Valley game. It provides to you impressive and attractive anime graphics. A unique thing about this game is that it comes in sandbox style which is fun.  Shepherd’s Crossing 2 is the in-depth farming solution that is designed with the full implementation of the DS touch. It allows providing an intuitive control. In the game, you have to interact with the people of a town or build the relationship and lots more.

Run Factory 4:

Run Factory 4 is the most popular Harvest Moon series that is a combination life of farm of a family. Battle with the monster with a complete new story line, players gets an access to the new character. The weapons include the swords or spears and many others. Also, use the magic to tackle and get defensive on the battle field. Take in charge of the town to take care of everything like building the infrastructure of the town. Also, help to build a beautiful tourist and choose the playing character as male or female.

Animal Crossing New Leaf

You might think only it is fun to play a farm simulation game, but you will get more excited when you play entire life simulation in the game play of Animal Crossing New Leaf. Get to explore the fantasy world city building and live your life there comfortably. The game start by choosing you as a mayor of the rural town, your main objective is to develop the rural town by turning it into a tourist spot. Include new infrastructure into your town or build bridges or create landmarks, etc. The game is designed with impressive graphics and interesting characters.

Farm for your Life

The story of the farm for your life begins with a community wipe down by a heavy storm. In the process, much destruction is being caused spreading death all around. Combine the elements for the farming, build a strong tower defense and cultivate several types of crops. Protect the farm in the game by building the mazes and towers around it. Here you can create your own character and the zombies are vicious vegetarians. The game hours consist of total 5 to 6 hours with the original soundtrack.

Castaway Paradise

Lots of fun activities to deal with like catching the bugs and fishing, that make the Castaway paradise more fun to play. Grow plants on the farm and create your island with beautiful plants, trees, and flowers too. Decorate the islands and also create your own outfits like shoes, dress, and hats. Help to the villagers by giving hands to complete the quests. Castaway Paradise is one of the best games that you can every play similar to Stardew Valley.

Slime Rancher

The game is about the story of the Beatrix LeBeau who is plucky. Also, a young rancher that has set out for a life far away from a thousand light years, distance away from the earth. In a quest to set a living in the wrangling slimes your mission is to keep the slimes obtained. In the Slime Rancher, most of them are vegetarian and need the crops to consume as food. Whereas the non-vegetarian slimes require meat in their food.

Stone Hearth

Stone Hearth is a very interesting game which consists of adventures and epic world. The main objective of the player of the game is to give helping hands for the settlers to survive. Also, you will have to build a food supply or build shelter and protect your people as well. Level up your people and then go for epic boss fights.  The player of the game of stone hearth can drive its legacy using the Mod.

Final Words

There is no doubt that Stardew Valley is the best game that you might ever play. But if you want to taste something different and get more fun in the farming based game. We strongly suggest you pick any of the game that is listed above with details information. When you are completely bored of playing the Stardew Valley game on your PC, then now is probably the right time to make a decision to replace the game.

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