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Tiworker.EXE Windows Modules Installer Worker High CPU Disk Usage

Tiworker.EXE windows modules installer,we know this word might not be that familiar to many. But do you know that we have all come across this. Have you ever noticed that your laptops fan or your PCs fan starts running abnormally fast sometime and your system gets slow? This is all due to windows modules installer. Whenever this system starts running it consumes almost forty to fifty percent of the CPU. This problem is commonly seen on windows 10 and sometimes on Windows 8 and 8.1. Although this does not create any kinds of problem in your system but sometimes it creates lots of heat in the system.

There are even rumors that this is a kind of malware. So let me inform you that Tiworker. EXE windows modules installer worker is not any kind of malware it is just a system where Windows look for update system which takes a lot of space of your CPU. This is the main reason behind the problem of your system. So today we will discuss how we can sort out the problem and provide your system with a smooth and hassle free system. The techniques which we will be discussing today are easy to use. I know there are many who are facing this problem and were eagerly waiting for some solution. So here it is.

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Steps To Sort Out High CPU Consumption By The Windows Modules Installer Worker Tiworker.exe

Listed below are some of the ways which will help you to sort out high CPU consumption by the windows modules installer worker.

Process 1:

To do that first you have to Press both windows and the R key together and then there you have to type Services for.MSC. Once you are done with it then you have to search for the WINDOWS MODULER INSTALLER. Once you get it you have to get into the settings. There you have to shift the start type option to manual. Now do these steps again for windows update service. You now have to open the control panel and then go for the windows update. Once you are there you can checkfor the option on the left side which is change settings. Go there and change the option to Check for updates but choose whether to download and install them. Once you have completed this step simply reboot your system.

By doing this process you have sort out the problem which means from now on for any kinds of windows update you have to do it by your own as you have set the update system to manual. Now let’s check out another step which will help you to get rid of it.

Process 2:

There is another way which will help you to sort out high CPU consumption by the windows modules installer worker. To do that first you have to download Windows download troubleshoot and then you have to run the windows update diagnostic.diagcab. The main function of this is checking the registry key and also helps to resolve the problem. To do this system it might consume time so do not lose your patience. Once you are done with it the system will tell you that the Troubleshooting has been completed. Now once this is done you have to click on the close button and go to restart. After you are done with it hopefully you will get a full solution out from this problem.

So these were some of the ways which will help you to sort out the problem from high CPU consumption by the windows modules installer worker. The methods which we have mentioned here are very easy and many have tried it. For long days many have been asking solution so here it is. Many people across the globe are using this strategy now it is your turn. Tough this solution looks bit complicated but believe me it is very easy. The above two steps are very easy and are the most effective one. People using Windows 10 and Windows 8.0 and 8.1 are mostly facing this problem. So just follow the above step by step instructions to get rid of this problem. For Further assistance leave a comment below.

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