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How to Write a Check Properly or Fill Out a Check Step By Step Guide

Check Writing is quite an easy task. Each and every one must be well aware and have this skill. To be honest about 60% people around the world still don’t know how to write a check. Nearly all people rely on online transaction and cards these days. But suppose that your online transaction, Debit cards are not working and you are in need of some urgent cash; How would you get it? Check is the only viable option here. But what if you don’t know how to write a check? You are quite doomed in that scenario. So, do you get the fact why check writing is quite important?

So, how to write a check? Well, you can just take out your check book and read out the particulars provided there and fill them up accordingly. It’s not even that easy Mate! Surely you would be able to read and fill it out just like any other form, but do you think everything will be up to the mark? No. For this reason, we have provided a step by step guide on how to write a check or how to fill out a check properly. Just follow the six simple steps provided below and harvest this skill. The steps have been provided below.

Full Step by Step Guide on How to Write a Check or How to Fill Out a Check

Checks are widely accepted and generated mode of payment facility. Whether the check is for official use purpose or on personal basis, it’s the clearest mode of paying your bill or making any payment. The MICR code and the check number provide the details of the account holder of the check.

If it gets bounced you can easily catch hold of the person. Also you can keep track of the person or the organization to which the payment has been made through the check. Have you come across the terms like- A/C Payee check or Bearer Check? You must have. These are the payment options that you can module as per your wish. For detailed information scroll your eyes down on the steps pinned below.


A check is a legal document and without a proper date it would be invalid. So, first of all fill up the date section of the check which is at the top right corner. Put in the date on the current day. Provide the Date followed by the Month and at the end the Year. Be sure that you are putting in the right date as this made lead to check bounce if the date is not entered properly. Take the help of a calendar if you are in a dilemma about the date. You also need to make sure that the date you will be providing should match the date you would be providing at bottom while signing the document.


The second step about writing a check involves providing the name of the recipient. Just by the right side to “PayTo The Order Of”, a dash will be provided. Put in the name of recipient in there. But be very careful while doing that as even a small mistake can lead to the cancelation of the check. The name of the individual should include both their first name and middle name. Also make sure to include any honorifics if any present along with the name. If the check is for a company, institution or organization, then make sure that you write the proper and full name of the company. DON’T USE ACRONYMS! These should only be used when specifically asked to do so. Be very careful while writing the recipient’s name.

Step 3:

Just right next to dollar sign i.e. “$”, another blank will be provided. Put in the amount of money that you need/want to pay. Make sure to fill in the exact amount, if there are some cents at the end do add those too. Suppose that the amount is Two Hundred Dollars and Fifty Cents then you need write “200.50.” This is the proper way to fill in the amount particulates of a check.This is process that you need to follow for how to write a check in cents.

Step 4:

This step instructs you to write the amount in words. Just below the “Pay To The Order Of” blank another blank has been provided. Be very careful about writing that, as you need to write the amount of “cents” payable too. Confused? Suppose that your payable amount is “200.50” dollars then you need to write “Two Hundred and Fifty Cents Only” all the way from the left hand side to the right hand side. This is the fifth step that you need to follow to write a check chase.

Step 5:

Signing is quite necessary as without this the check will be invalid. Be sure to provide the current date after signing the Check. Some banks don’t except Check’s without any date below the signature. A blank has been provided on the right bottom hand side; sign on that from left to right.

Step 6:

This step is about the memo section of how to write a check. It might be optional but filling it up won’t do you any harm. Just fill it up saying what this check is for and that would be enough. Some companies have made it mandatory that you provide your ID number before submitting the check. Even some land lords wants this section to be filled up. You need to provide your apartment number if paying for that via check.

Bottom Line

That’s it. These are the steps that you need to follow to write a check. As you can see the steps are quite easy to follow. But you need to follow each and every step precisely. Make sure that you don’t make silly mistakes, which may lead to the cancellation of your check. We would suggest that go through this content while writing the check. We are quite sure that you won’t be facing any issues if you do this. Hope this would be of help to you. For further queries leave comment below.

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