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Top 25 Best Stardew Valley Mods You Must Try Once

Want to play Stardew Valley game then why not with mods? As there are a lot of mods for this game which adds more excitement to the game play. Well, with the help of mods you can change the Stardew Valley’s game visual, add more features and all the ability to play this game will the fullest extent. Now if you are just with the default setup of this game then it is time to check out the best 25 mods for Stardew Valley. But finding the best for this can be a little annoying for some reasons. You will need to step into some methods to get done with the below mentioned best mods for this game.

Stardew Valley game is a multi-platform Role Playing Game, which supports on Microsoft, Xbox One, Play Station 4, Linux, macOS, Nitento Switch. But here on this page, we will talk about how to setup these mods on your Windows PC or laptop. So, you will come to know how to modify the gaming experience on your PC. Also for other platforms, you can know some important and use mods from the list of 25 best mods for Stardew Valley. So, without manipulating you, at the very first let’s check out some important things you should do before your setup these mods to this game.

Things To Do Before Stardew Valley Mods Installation

Well, if you have been playing this game for a long, you might have saved gameplay of this game. You will need to back up the Stardew Valley game directory from the C drive. Or else you could lose the game progress and also saved gameplay. Hence, if you don’t want to lose it then check out some few steps that you should do before knowing the Stardew Valley. By the way, this is a small method that you need to follow on your PC to play Stardew Valley game by adding various mods in it. Here backup steps for your saved Stardew Valley Games;

C:/User/[Administrator name]/AppData/Roaming/StardewValley/Save

In this directory, you will need to copy and paste that Data folder of Stardew Valley.  Besides that, you will need to move the mod file in the Stardew Valley folder. Also, have to merge the mod file with an XNB file in the game directory. For this case, also back up the game data before you download or else there is a chance to fall back the game progress.

C:/Steam/steamapps/common/Stardew Valley/Content

Place your mod file in this folder which I just directed you. Also, one thing needs to be remembered that some mode may need for SMAPI installation package. To know this, you can follow the game forum but as of now let’s concern to the top best Stardew Valley mods to download.

Top 25 Best Stardew Valley Mods For Better Gaming Experience

Shortcut Through The Woods

Move quickly with the help Shortcut Through The Woods mod. This helps to cut down all the woods near you and makes a faster passing path for you. Any mod that makes a game faster is a welcome treat for a gamer. So, this is a recommended mod as a Stardew game player, which you can download for free and install it without the SMAPI installer package.


Move Pet

There is nothing with the placement of pet but every has a personal preference. So, if you just thinking to relocate your pet in the Stardew Valley game then you can download Pet Replacement mod for this game. With this mode, you can easily replace your pet anywhere and can amaze others by showing them. This is not that essential feature to add with a mod but those who really looking for this then can be a great help.


Rearrange Museum

Another perfect mod for the Stardew Valley players. Now, this mod is to rearrange the museum. You can personalize the donations and place down museum without any spending. So, this is a freedom to organize your museum again in a faster way and without donating any artifacts and mineral for it. As a Stardew Valley player you should know how time-consuming and costly for rearranging your museum in this game. So, download this mod, to change the museum as you wish without any problem.


Faster Path

Again as a game player we know being fast in a game a good exercise. Stardew Valley sometimes seems very slow as following the levels and achievements; many struggles come up while playing the game. You can make literally a bit faster finding the Faster Path for this game. No great advantages running on the base path, if you feel the same then download Faster Path. Adding this mod to the game will add a Winding path, which is far better than paths like snow, sand or grass.


Horse to Dragon Mod

Just like Pet Replacement this mod is meant to add Horse or Dragon. Yes, unlike usual pets, Horse and Dragon also can be added to this game in replacement of regular pet. So, if you feel bored of same pet in your Stardew Valley game then download the mod for this game. Add something more extra as you get fierce dragon, or cute dragon and elegant Pegasus.


Energy Top Up

Charge up stamina to explore more in the adventurous caves and clear out debris. With this mod, you can get instant stamina so that no more waiting for the next stamina update. As a player you might know, all you have to wait for the next stamina update and you have to be cool till then. So, it is better to hack this rule and get instant power up and hunt for the more caves and explore.

Download EnergyTopUp

Resource Creator

What if you can add a machine in the Stardew Valley and it makes all needful things for your firm? So promising, right? Yes, this can be done with the help this mod. It will add a machine to this game and this machine will produce all the necessary things such as rice, sugar, vinegar, and flour. More production means more resource than usual gameplay and can do more.

Download resource creator

Nover Write

Mistakes happens most of the time and same follows for the game as well. Now you can reload the previous progress or last days progress if you have already made a mistake in your game strategy. Download NoverWrite is a mod for Stardew Valley game to undo all the game progress and strategy that you have made. You can overwrite all the progress of last days with this mode, whereas with normal gameplay you cannot undo anyway.

Download NoverWrite


Get the supernatural horse by activating the ShadowMere mode. You can download this mod to get this ShadowMere. Well if you don’t know about ShadowMere then it is a supernatural horse with that you can get best steeds for best explore the caves and adventure. This is the horse from the series of elder scrolls, with the same power. This may not look like Skyrim virion but Shadowmere is far power-active and cute to see.

Download ShadowMere


What if you can add the feel of your favorite series in it? Yes, you can add Final Fantasy VII taste in the Stardew Valley Game. In replacement of Pet, you can add NANAKI or you can also add RED XllL as your favorite character in it. The thing is quite adorable when you add this to your game. The sleeping character is so pleasing when you left the things for a while. Replace your pet if you just feel bored of it with NANAKI and RED Xlll, I hope you will find some cool excitement adding this to your game.

Download nanaki

Calendar Anywhere

To see the characters Birthday date, you don’t need to shut your game and visit general store of Pierrie. As Birthdays are so special, you cannot miss a chance to wish them. In that sense, creating a Calendar Anywhere mod for Stardew Valley game is superb idea. However, this mod helps to give entry to Calendar feature with just a click at the right top corner of your home screen. To download this mod, click on the link we have given below. So now you can wish them Happy Birthdayby seeing the Calendar result.

Download Calendar Anywhere

Easier Fishing Mod

If you are a player of Stardew Valley then you might know that catching fish is very difficult. Even in real life fishing has become quite difficult. In this game, it’s quite uneasy to catch fish because of their increasing speed. Especially, if the fish is bigger, then to catch hold become inconvenient. Probably, download the Easier fishing mod for catching fish easily. Yet, although there are quite a number of large inch fish, enter the easier fishing mod that doubles your playing experience. Now made fishing easier with the reduce fish movement.

Download Easier Fishing

TimeSpeed Mod

When you play Stardew Valley you may look closely on the time, is it long and short. Or you may also want your game to speed up or slow it down. In that case, use this TimeSpeed Mod to slow down, speed up your time play or to completely freeze the game. Also, note that if you are determined to play this game then freezing time will never affect the game play unless you unfreeze it. Apart from freezing, slow the game per 10 game minutes in one second. Or increase the time for speeding per 10 game minutes by one second.

Download TimeSpeed

In-Game Cheat Menu

While playing the game do you feel like losing your patience to progress? Well, at some point of time you feel necessity to access in Sandbox. To do that you require an in-game cheat menu. With the help of this cheat menu mod focus your game completely by increasing gold, moving speed and much more. Furthermore, now you can give your best in modifying your agricultural kingdom and imitate rural way of living. This cheat menu is very simple to use, just examine the boxes as well as sliders.

Download In-Game Cheat Menu

Portrait Anime Style

Players across the country have said that default portraits make no sense. This means they wanted more portraits for their game. In that case, a player generates many Japanese Animation portraits. Also, instead of the default characters, these new Japanese anime looks much better. So, your characters will be nearby you just after downloading. Remember that, they will only look after the portrait but not other game menu. Above all, portraying the characters is much necessary when you play this game.

Download Portrait Anime Style

Pokedew Valley

When playing Stardew Valley game, Pokedew Valley mod will make an effort to collect limitless Pokemon for you. So far, your Stardew Valley animals can be changed with some Pokemon animals. For example, your dog will become Growlithe, cow changes to Miltanks, horse replaces Ponyta and chicken replaces Torchi. You can even catch a Trainer Hat; now play the Stardew Valley game with new Pokemon animals.

Download Pokedew Valley

Horses to Dragons or Pegasi

While you can change the appearance of your pet animals, also you can change the breed of horse to forceful dragons or Pegasus. So what type of ride you want, a cute Pegasus or a dangerous Dragon? Download this mod and impress your dear ones while enjoying Stardew Valley game. As far as our concern, the designs of this breed looks beautiful. So, if you too want to give a ride then click on the download button shown below.

Download Horses to Dragons/Pegasus

Stamina Regen Mod

To clear out the mines and other activities, Stamina is required. However, if your stamina gets lost then sadly you have to wait for a long time. In that case; you can continue playing Stardew Valley game if you have the Stamina Regen mod installed. So, therefore this mod restores 1 stamina in every three seconds that gives you the power to clear stones and other debris. Therefore, just imagine when you get the stamina to work you will be powerful like an athletics.Instead of wasting your precious time waiting for stamina, download the mod from the below link given.

Download Stamina Regen

Items Show Sell Price

Don’t get boring by the cover of its book instead try to get what it needs to say. Well, same goes to Items Show Sell Price mod. This mod helps you to access the price of every stuff in the inventory store. Furthermore, after using this mod one can easily identify the value of each item. This is because this mod gives proper details of every item. And if not necessary you can even throw out some stuff and sell it off. Other mod items needed or not but this mod is very much necessary when playing Stardew Valley game.

Download Items Show Sell Price

Durable Fences Mod

How do you feel when your fences around your house get broken down? Yes, you will get very depressed and searching for solutions. Even in Stardew Valley game when your fences fall apart you don’t know what to do. Therefore, in that situation, Durable Fences is the true solution to get rid of breaking fences. So, now since your fences got stronger, your pet animals will never get chance to visit or view the outside nature. Now, shoot the download button provided below.

Download Durable Fences

New Machines Mod

For new productions in your farm, you will require some modern machines. For that you need to download New Machines Mod. As a result, install this new mod machine and make all the latest products for your farm. So, for producing flour, sugar, rice as well as vinegar New Machines mod applied. If you are a technical farmer then you can start creating any stuff for cooking. Anyone who loves playing this game can use this mod. Just you need to hit the download button and apply this mod on your game.

Download New Machines

Get Dressed

Do you get boring with same dress appearance when playing this game? Now Get Dressed mod enables your character to look more beautiful. So, if you have an upgrade to your house, add a dresser within the corner. All you need is click on the right of the character for character settings. Therefore, you can do many tricks here; change the color of the skin, eye, hair, clothes, and accessories. Even your face shape, gender everything can be tackled down. Optional lipstick and blusher palette will also be available.

Download Get Dressed

Fancy Farm

With Fancy Farm mod, your farm will be widened and your village space will be bigger. With these you will have more space to bring new things in your village. The larger lakes are being replaced with small ponds in the back side of your house. You will also find four new ways to enter the cave. This shortcut goes to many different parts to the caves, dessert, and beach and bath house. Also, many other changes are also done with Fancy farm Mod to bring your village wider and bigger. Install it and enjoy the mod on your game.

Download Fancy Farm

Caves Expansion

To explore more challenges in life, a bigger difficult cave is needed. Since, a cave is not for those people who are scared of darkness, so now you can prove your bravery by exploring. If you think you need to explore bigger caves then download this mod on your PC. Once you start downloading this mod you can do mind bowing stuffs like engaging in some activities inside and much more. So, bring your creativity in to existence after expanding the cave.

Download Bigger Cave

All Crops All Seasons

Stardew Valley is mainly popular for farming and growing crops. And this game grows seasonal crops in its own seasons. And as soon as the weather deteriorates, the crops grown will die or else will fail to bear fruits. But, if you are not good at farming then growing crops is never possible. Furthermore, these All Crops All Seasons mod allows you to grow more crops in any seasons, even in winter. Do not worry, your plants are save with this mod, every day harvest one crop and plant another seeds.

Download All Crops All Seasons

Bottom Line

Stardew Valley Indie farming video game is very interesting to play. This single player game is played by millions of people worldwide. However, when the game played with best Stardew Valley mods it can reach to a different level of playing. This is because you can customise so many things inside the game menu. Apart from that, the games interface also looks very simple and easy. We have also provided each download link in every mods. So, get the mods soon and play farming with Stardew Valley.

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