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How To Fix Windows Update Stuck At 0% In Windows 11/ 7/8/10

Many times when we seemed to use our computer after a longer period of time, we learn that there are so many updates to be done. We need to install these available updates on our computer with active and fast speed internet connectivity. In doing so, right after the moment we click on the updates button to start downloading the windows update, But many times with many windows users find out that windows update get stops or stuck at 0%. Well! you may asking Why is this happening in your windows? Well, you are about to find it out after a while in this article. Right this moment, if you are thinking that does it have a solution or not? Yes, the problem does have a solution and can be fixed by using some tricks. Today, here we will be discussing how to fix windows update stuck at 0 % in windows 7/8/10 operating system.

The errors of the stuck updates on your windows OS have been a major problem in the worldwide. This problem is simply irritating and faced by many computer users and mostly seen in windows 7/8/10, which is just a temporary error, nothing to be taken seriously. But thanks to computer expert that finally we have got a solution for you, which is guaranteed to fix your problem about windows up gradation stuck. Below we have shared the complete and permanent solution of the Windows Update stuck or stop at 0% error so keep reading till the end.

Fix Windows Update Stuck at 0 % Percent in Windows 7/8/10

Method 1: How To Fix The Windows Update Error Stuck at 0% in Windows 7 or 8?

Before performing this method on your windows 7 or 8 you will have to create a “system restoring point”. System restore point option will help you to recover your previous version of your system if anything goes wrong during this process. Once you done with creating system restore point lets follow steps to fix windows 7 or 8 updates stuck at 0.

Step 1: Click on the start button which appears as windows icon on your computer screen, type “run” into the search program and files. Also you create the run dialogue box by pressing on windows + R keys by once.

Step 2: When the dialogue box of run pops up on the display of your PC, you will need to type “Services.msc” and click ok button or hit enter key into your keyboard.

Step 3: Now as you can see in the given screenshot below, the dialogue box of services appear on your windows screen. Check for the windows update by scrolling down, when you finds it just simply right click and then choose stop button.

Step 4: Go to the local disk C of your windows, there you will find the folder with a name software distribution. This folder is consisting of all the files that got downloaded in the process of windows update. You need to delete all of these files right away which are the reason behind the errors of windows being stuck at 0%.

Step 5: Now once more, visit the services option and then go for the windows update. This time select the start button and click on it.

Applying this Method will fix Windows update not downloading in windows PC, the updates which got stuck at zero % will start updating smoothly. No longer will be getting any errors and this is the way you fix windows update stuck at 0% in windows 7 or 8.

Method 2: To Fix The Windows 10 Update Error Stuck at zero 0%

Having troubles with the windows 10 update stuck at 0, there is not a big issue and can solve by using a simple method. Here are the steps provided below in details, which can solve the windows 10 update stuck at 0%.

Step 1: The very first you need to do in this method is, open up the command prompt as administrator in your windows 10.

Step 2: Type the command net stop wuauserv into the command prompt and hit enter, it will stop windows update service. Now type the command net stop bits and then hit on the enter button. This command will stop all the updates that are going in the background that was running in your windows 10.

Step 3: Go to the location disk C on your windows 10 then open Windows folder then scroll down and find a folder named software distribution. Into the folder, you might be getting a number of incomplete file updates. Delete all the files present inside the folder which is very necessary.

Step 4: Now once more you will have to type some commands to start those services which was stopped at step 1. So type the commands net start wuauserv and net start bits in the administration-command prompt one by one, press the enter button.

Step 5: Now you will be able to run your windows 10 update without facing any errors or stuck at 0%.

This is how you can solve the windows update not downloading in windows 10, after applying this method you will be able to update windows 10 without any trouble.

Method 3: Fix Windows 10/8/7 Update Stuck at 0 % By Using Troubleshooter?

Still if you are not able to find out the solution for windows update being stuck at 0%, then you can give a try by using trouble shooter in your PC which comes as in-Built features. Follow the steps given below to apply the tricks on your computer.

Step 1: At first, look for the trouble shooting options in your PC by making search in your windows start button. When the icon of the troubleshooting appears on the screen, click on it.

Step 2: Now as you can see in the screenshot given below, inside the control panel home options you will find system and security options. Click on “fix problems with windows update” and then you will be taken into the next page.

Step 3: Into the dialogue box of the windows update, click on the advanced options and then select the next button.

Step 5: Into the next page of the advance options, tick on the box to “Apply repairs automatically”. Click on the next button to process the process.

Now wait for a while, until your computer look for the possibilities to identify and fix the problems of the windows update errors. By using this Method it is strongly expected to fix your windows update stuck at 0% error in your windows 7/8/10.

Bottom Line

Now we have come to the end of the guide, and we hope that we have given out the solution for you that you are seeking for. By using these 3 methods which we have mentioned above, we are sure that you will be able to fix windows update stuck at 0% in windows 7/8/10. You don’t need to look further for any solution to fix windows update errors in your computer. Well, this is a very common issue which other users also face while upgrading Windows so you don’t have to panic at all. We have provided the most effective tricks with effective working results. Now you will not face the issues of windows 7/8/9/10 update stuck at 0% anymore. Do let us know which method has worked for you and what your experience is after upgrading the Windows version.

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