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Top 12+ Best New City Building Games for PC 2023

Coming to the games category, there are lots of PC games that you can download and play on your PC. As there is lots of game developer available in the market of computer games now. But out of all racing or arcade games City building games have been trading in the game market recently. And this is just because City building game is neither though but you also need to have good strategy, as you would need to build your own city using the resource.

So today here we have come up with the best city building games for your PC, that you can download and play on your system. As there are bundles of city building games available in the market, so here we have picked the editors choice. So simply pick one and we are sure that you will be impressed with the graphics and reality of the game. Let’s have a look at the list of the best games.

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Top 12+ Best New City Building Games for PC

If you want to pass your time playing these awesome games then simply hang out with any of the enlisted games.


It is on the first position of the list of top 12 best new building games for PC for its interface and gameplay. In this game, you can build your own city for future. In this game, you can even get help from some spacecraft using which you can create cities on another planet. Once you start playing this game you will get to know how interesting this game is. It has many features by which you can give life to your cities.

2.Cities Skylines

It is the best simulation as well as a city building game for PC. In this game, you will have many tools and features with the help of which you can create your city. Apart from other new city building game this game comes with different features which will help you to design your city following modern architecture and structure.

3.Urban Empire

If you want to be an administrator of a city and want to develop a fully planned city then this game will give you the same experience. You will have to develop a plan and need to build a city. This new city building game will take your experience to a next level. Not only you need to build your empire, you have to look after political and social matters. You have to play both as a developer as well as a politician where you need to look after needs of your citizen by building hospitals, schools, and colleges.

4. Cities XXL

With both building and management skills, this game brings new city building game to next level. It is a large game with lots of interesting features which fully make you addicted. Resources are many which you need to collect from different cities to build your own. You have to generate revenue form your city which you need to use to trade resources from other cities. This game has different types of inbuilt architecture and design which you can use to build a modern architectural city.

5. City Play

With a great experience of building a city, this game is another best new city building game for PC. You have to look at every matters and issue of your city as needs, settlement and much more. You have to able all your citizen with all necessary comfort as police stations, hospitals, markets and others. The main thing about this game is that you have to take care of revenue and economy of your city.

6. SimCity

It is another city building game where you can build 16 different cities as per your choice. It has many resources using which you can develop most modern and advanced city. It is a multiplayer online game where you can challenge other and also can accept challenges. With a great interface and 3d visualization, this game is best addictive game for PC.

7.Tropico 5

This game is developed by Kalypso media and as per its gameplay and visualization, its become now very popular. The game play is different from other. You need to convert an island into a well-developed city by properly using different resources. In this game, you will experience the step by step advancement that starts from a colonial area. As other game here also you need to plan and build different types of strategy to build a well-balanced city.

8. Urban Empire

It is a strategy based city building game that allows you to live as a mayor with many responsibilities. You have to build a city and using different plan and strategy you need to move your city to next level. You have to think about all issues of your city as political, business, economic and other needs.

9. The Settlers 7

If you like to play the virtual game then this game is another best choice. It is a platform where you will be available with many resources to build your own city. Using this resources you can construct your dream to reality. You have to upgrade your city bu constructing road, hospitals, colleges and many others useful needs. Together, this game will give you ultimate fantasy experience of new city building.

10. Forge of empires

If you are looking for a science fiction building game for PC then you might get entertain playing this game. The main thing about this game is to build some research centre along with city only to upgrade to more advanced. Not only this game is all about developing and building. You also need to fight with other online competitors as well as aliens to keep your resources and city safe.

11. Banished

Here in this game, you need to collect different wonders to build your city. You need to develop a village from scratch by using on game resources and also need to keep your people alive. Not only you have to develop a village to a city, you need undergo many challenges in this game at every stage.

12. Another Brick in the Mall

This game has fantastic graphics comes with many resources and stuffs to build a city. You have to apply all its resources in right way in making a developed city. resources in this game are very helpful those will look after your business and overall economy of the city.

13. Cities in Motion 2

Along with building a city here in this game you also look after the transport system of the city. Mainly here in this game, you need to supervise and also need to maintain roads. buses and train track developed by you. To minimize chaos here in this game you even can schedule your task so that you can accomplish those easily and simply. This game has different modes which will take your gaming to next level.

Final Verdict

You all might now have gathered information regarding best new city building games. Here we have listed most entertaining and strategic based Top 12+ Best New City Building Games for PC. Every game that we have listed above differs with each other in gameplay, story, and visualization. Every game here is challenging and interesting but as per my point of view Banished seems different as it comes with many different challenges and resources. So, pick any from the above and start building a city as per your dream.

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