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How To Connect PS3 And PS4 Controller On PC Windows 10/8.1/7

For every PC gamers, the joystick is very important to keep proper control in the game. The lucky part was that you were able to use your PS3 controller even on your PC to play your PC games. But after the released of PS4, there have been lots of change in the previous joystick and the latest one. So most of the PC gamers do prefer to PS4 Joystick. But with the increase in features, the prices too increases, for which if you are a new gamer then it is hard to purchase 2 PS4 joysticks.

But the happy news is that you can even use PS3 and PS4 joystick together on your PC. So if you are already having PS3 controller then you can also pair it with the latest controller and play games on your PC. It is very simple to connect both PS3 and PS4, you simply need to follow some of the steps that we have listed down, and you will be able to play games using both the controller.

Things You Need To Do Before Connecting PS3 and PS4 On Your Computer

Before we get started, at first you will need to have PS3 or PS4 controller near by the system. Also, you will need to have a “Bluetooth Dongle”  and you can purchase online or offline depending on the availability of the item on your location. Remember that, you will also have to install a new driver for your Bluetooth dongle for operating the controllers. By which you can make any Bluetooth device connected to your computer until it is attached.

In this guide to connect PS3 or PS4 controller on the computer we are going to use “Scp Toolkit”. It is “all-one-one installer” SCP package.

Note: If you are using windows 7 then Xbox 360 controller drivers are going to be needed here.

How To Install SCP Package Tool To Connect PS3 And PS4 On PC?

To install the SCP package tool, first of all, you will need to download the tool on your system. Now to download there are two versions of SCP tool available on the internet, one is the SCP tool version 1.6 and the other is the latest Beta Version. So here we will download the Beta version of the tool, as in the beta version you will get all the bugs fixed and extra features added. So simply download the beta version SCP tool.exe file and you are ready to go for installation.

After the download is complete on your PC successfully, let’s start with the installation process.

  • Now while installing the tool needs some other tool packages installed on your PC. Software like Microsoft Visual C++, framework and much more. Once the SCP package tool checks that each and every tool packages are installed, then the program will allow you to proceed to the further installation process by clicking on the “Next” button. But if it is not installed then you will be lead to install the tool packages at the moment.

tool packages

  • In the next step, you will see a black window with a list of a different item where you will need to disable some of the few options. So here you will need to disable “testing & troubleshooting” and “profile manager”. After you disable these two options, you are good to go with the further procedure.

  • After you deselect those two options from the list, click on the NEXT button and then again click on the “RUN Driver Installer” option to finally install the tool on your PC.

scp finish installation

  • After the process is done click on the “Finish” button and you are all done. Now restart your system and you are ready to connect both PS3 and PS4 controller and play your favorite game.

So this is all the steps that you need to follow to install the SCP package tool on your PC so that you can connect PS controller on your PC. The procedure is very straight and simple, now let’s have a look at how you can run test connection to the PS4 controller on your PC.

How To Run A Test Connection With A PS4 Controller To PC?

Sony has come up with lots of exciting games when it has made an announcement about the PS4 controller. And the controller is expected to be compatible with the computer by the default settings. Even though, novel touchpad by Sony may not be compatible or work with PC games at the outset. But the manufacturing company clearly explained that there was no problem found. That’s why the gamers were able to plug in the controller on PC and play games using it.

So let’s have a look at how you can run a test connection and check if each and every buttons are working or not on your PC.

  • First Step: At first place connect the PS4 controller using micro-USB cable. And then plug the controller in your computer using the USB cable until windows install the detected drivers.

  • Second Step: Now look for the device and printer options in the control panel menu. On above of the device menu, you will notice PS4 controller appearing as the wireless controller.

  • Third Step: Using your mouse click on the right button on the settings of a wireless controller and choose “controller settings” & select properties.
  • Fourth Step: Now you can run a test on the PS4 controller and remember that each button must work.

After that, you can start loading any of your favorite game on your PC and make an attempt to play it.

Final Words:

This is all the necessary information that you need to know about how to connect the PS3 and PS4 controller on PC. The procedure is very simple, once you install the SCP tool on your PC, then connecting comes to be very smooth. But you can also try out pairing your Xbox 360 controller. As it connects even faster than the Sony PlayStation controller. So this is all, leave a comment and your views about the controller

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