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Top 10+ Best Games Like Life Is Strange

Life is Strange is an exclusive remarkable video game which was developed by Dontnod. Also, this energetic video game is published by Square Enix for different platforms. This includes Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Linux, Play Station 3, Play Station 4 and OS X. However, the graphic adventure single-player game was just interesting or the gamers. We can find best games like life is strange in this post.

The developer Dontnod Entertainment created this game for the game lovers in the year 2015. It is a new trend game, right? Well, you can try playing this video game with compatible devices. Since the gamers want more graphics and action in a game, this would be the right choice. However, this is not only the one game; there are more identical games like Life is Strange. We have gathered a list of games that are trendy and new. You may like them as they are similar with Life is Strange game.

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Top 10+ Games like Life is Strange:

We have kept all the things in mind and listed out the top games just like Life is Strange. Although the game strategy is similar, the storyline is quite different.

1. Heavy Rain:

Our first choice is the video game Heavy Rain. In fact, it is an action adventure game which was developed by Quantic Dream. This game is exclusively for PlayStation 3 which was created in the year 2010. Also, published by Sony Computer Entertainment this game was a critical commercial success. As a result, this game is compatible with Play Station 3 and Play Station 4.

The storyline of the game is divided into different scenes each on one to four characters. However, the player is supposed to control the main character. You must know that when you play Heavy Rain game you will not find any immediate Game Over.

In addition to it, the overall game is mainly to find out serial killer known as Origami Killer. So, what you have to do is move the character and interact with non-player characters. The best thing about this game is once the game is over; you can return to any four different scenes and play again.

2. Mass Effect:

Speaking of the best games like Life is Strange; Mass Effect falls into the second place. This is an action role-playing science fiction game which was developed by a Canadian company. As far as we are concerned, this game was released in 2007 for multiple platforms.

Mass Effect game is available for Android Phone, Windows phone, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360. This game is available in three seasons, and the game sets up in the galaxy. The main idea of this game starts with a soldier name Commander Shepard whose main aim is to save the galaxy.

However, the main motive of this game is combat and fight. But if you want to play this game you need a map and then solve the quest. Now start adjusting first name, gender, and appearance of your choice.

3. inFamous Second Son:

From the infamous series, this game is the second series. In fact, this is an action adventure game which is set in the open world environment. This game is also played from third person perspective. Sucker Punch starts developing this game which was again published by Sony Entertainment.

This video game is a fresh super start because it features Delsin Rowe, a new protagonist. Delsin becomes more powerful while playing this game. It is a dynamic fantasy series that includes adventure and thrills.

In this game, Delsin can perform many tricks like climbing vertical surfaces. Also, as he progresses, Delsin earns more power and ability to fight. So if you are a player then you can either battle for good or for evil, depends upon you.

4. Until Dawn:

Our next top pick which is similar to Life is Strange is Until Dawn. This is a supermassive game published by Sony Computer Entertainment. This video game is compatible only with the PlayStation 4. Survival horror, interactive drama, and adventure everything is available in this game.

The storyline of this game was set in Western Canada with many suspense and adventure. Since players cannot see all the content, Until Dawn can be played multiple times. This video game is peculiar since they have this Butterfly Effect.

Here in this game you can sacrifice one character and save the other. In total, there are eight characters. Delsin keeps on changing his character throughout the whole game. However, the thing that makes you crazier about this game is its butterfly effect.

5. The Walking Dead:

Are you scared of zombies walking near you? Well, the Walking Dead game has full of zombies gathered. They are an adventure game with action series that includes five episodes together. Released in 2012, Walking Dead is a graphic horror adventure that is being played from third person perspective.

Furthermore, Lee Everett, a protagonist of this game tries hard to survive in the midst of zombie apocalypse. However, publish by Telltale Games they are compatible with Windows Phone, Xbox, PlayStation 3 and 4, Android and iOS.

The game started after Zombie Apocalypse which was set in Georgia. Also throughout the play, the game focuses more on characters and story, rather than action tropes. So what you have to do is gather some useful things and survive in the world after the zombie apocalypse.

6. Fallout 4:

Fallout 4 is also a similar game to Life is Strange. This game is developed by Bethesda Game Studios with full entertainment. Releasing in 2015, it is the fifth installment in Fallout series. The game is compatible with Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

The plot of the game is set in the open world post-apocalyptic environment. This is a single player game and the main protagonist is known as Sole Survivor who emerges from fallout shelter. Here in this game, the protagonist is on his way to search his lost child where the player needs to go through many quests.

While you are playing this game, players have the power to roam anywhere on the map. In fact, you can also leave the conversation at any point in time. Since this game is a continuation from Fallout 3; you will get fascinated with the game.

7. Game of Thrones:

We can never miss out Game of Thrones game when speaking about the best video game like Life is Strange. We hope you are a big fan of Game of Thrones series but this game is much more fascinating. It is an action role-playing video game developed by Cyanide and published by Atlus USA.

Just like any other games Game of Thrones goes with the episodic scheme. In that sense, you will find six episodes altogether. While you are playing this game, you need to save yourself and your family from the strong kings.

As you know that all the players in the action role-playing video game need to be in touch with other non-player characters, here too you have to do the same thing.

8. Spec Ops-The Line:

Releasing in 2012, Spec Ops is a third person video shooter game available for different platforms. Basically, this game is mostly about fighting and shooting which was published by 2K Games and developed by Yager Development.

This game is both single and multi-player game and you will see that each of the characters has its own skill. You can enjoy this game on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, OS X and Xbox 360. You will find four difficulty levels, so if you are a player then you can select among the four levels.

The storyline is set in Dubai and the hero Captain Martin Walker is on a mission to fight against the enemies. So what you have to do is hiding from all the enemies and kill them one by one. But until you progress you will not be awarded latest weapons.

9. Alpha Protocol:

We are not talking about the child’s play game here but about Alpha Protocol, the one, and only action role-playing video game. This game is developed by Obsidian Entertainment as well as publishes by Sega. This is also a single player game which was released in 2009 but layer shifted to 2010.

The main protagonist of this game is Michael Thorton, an American field agent. Just like other games, Alpha Protocol is enjoyed from a third-person perspective which is being played in different platforms like PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360.

In Alpha Protocol, you will find many shooting equipment and gadgets. So, if you love shooting then this game would be relevant for you. So now you can interact with numerous characters as because conversations can be on real time.

10. Indigo Prophecy:

Originally released in 2005, Indigo Prophecy which is also known as Fahrenheit is a dramatic action-adventure video game. However, when speaking about the top games like Life is Strange, Indigo Prophecy is on the list. This game is developed by Quantic Dream as well as published by Atari.Inc. They are compatible with PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

This game has an interactive Drama that controls the overall game’s presentation. There are four various characters, each character has its own perspective. Also, know that the game is so interesting as it is created with High-Definition graphics.

The main plot of the game started in New York City where people are killing each other. So, therefore, you have to be the hero and save the entirely innocent victim. Not only that, the more you save people the more your quest will be solved.

Since this game is all about Lucas who has mental health issues; killing good people will decrease his points. So, save innocent people and increase the meter.

11. Dragon Age:

Last but never the least; Dragon Age is other similar video games like Life is Strange. This is an action RPG which is developed by BioWare Edmonton which is again published by Electronic Arts. Since 2014, game lovers are enjoying Dragon Age video game compatible with PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox 360.

In the beginning of this action game, the player chooses different races like human, dwarf, an elf. Despite the game is not an open world video game you can freely explore the game. As the game is set in Thedas continent, one can easily control while playing this game.


So, this is all about top 10+ games like Life is Strange and there is not a clue that this above list games will hamper your health. Therefore, people are so much addicted to games that they tend to forget real life situation. So, you can play this game during your leisure hours and enjoy battling with each character. Without wasting much time get any of this game today and start playing on your gaming device. Also, do let us know which game you liked the most from the above-given list and which game is more addicting.

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