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Top 10+ Best Games like Civilization You Must Play

Civilization is a strategy based video game which was released in the year 1991. It is one of the oldest collections of the games that are included into the list of strategy games. Civilization game is available to play on multiple platforms of devices. It is perhaps one of the best strategy games that are available to play in this genre. Here we are going to discuss on the list of Top Best Games like Civilization.

This similar game you must play to get the same experience of gaming like in Civilization game. The series of Civilization game by Sid Meier’s has made people lose their mind. If you are looking for the get the gaming experience like that of Civilization? If it is then, we have made a list of the games with full information that we are providing into these list given below.

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Top 10+ Best Games like Civilizations that you must try out:

1: Endless Legend

Into the list of the best games like civilization, Endless Legend stands at the top of the list. It is a game based 4X fantasy-strategy game and is developed by the Amplitude Studios. In the gameplay, the task is to conquer the world of Auriga.

Explore the place of the fantasy lands into the game of Endless Legend. You will have to survive by traveling through the place of cold. And also experience the limitless task along with the randomly created quests and worlds.

Also, conquer and build the villages to bring changes and development into the cities as well. Bring changes into the civilization by discovering mystery artifacts and then also the lost technologies. Always stay one step ahead of the other place into the civilization. Create your own legend by playing this game.

2: Total War

The whole series of the Total War game is the best alternative to the game of Civilization. It is one of the best strategy games that are developed by the team of “Creative Assembly”. The game is available to play on the different platforms of devices like Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Total War game consists of four different races and it will have four different outcomes. Total war has only one single goal and that is to either defend your world or simply destroy others. The first installment of the game was first released in the year 2000.
It is an epic game that consists of the total of 11 installments.

The players of the game can take different role be it leaders, generals, and mayors. Manage the armies into the game of total war when the battle takes place on it.

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3: The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online is one of the best alternative games to Civilization. It is built on the foundation of the most popular Settlers series game that is based on strategy. The game can be played in your selected internet browser totally for free.It consists of several impressive features and this game is target mainly on the city-building elements.

The settlers online have lots of combat to face when you complete and can challenge other game players. And not only that you will get many strategies and will be able to choose to several technologies.

It consists of several impressive features and this game is target mainly on the city-building elements. The settlers online have lots of combat to face when you complete and can challenge other game players. And not only that you will get many strategies and will be able to choose to several technologies.

4: Endless Space

The galaxy exists from the long time ago and is ancient, and the endless are those whom we know as the first intelligent life. Endless Space is an amazing 4X strategy game that covers the space colonization age that is into the Endless universe.

In the game, you have to control the civilization and take dominance over the galaxy. Endless space was released in the year 2012 and gets so many reviews since then. Discover every place of the universe to get powerful artifacts and resources.

Endless Space is a unique and smart game of limitless permutations. It is an intelligent strategy game that is similar to the Civilization game. Use the technologies for doing research and also to unlock the ships.

5: Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri

Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri is developed by the same designer of the game that is Civilization. The theme of the game is based on a science fiction and it was released in the year 1999. Alpha Centauri is supported into different console such as Windows, Mac, and Linux, etc.

The theme of the Alpha Centauri game is developed based on the 22nd-century world. Enjoy the game by playing the mode of single and multiplayer. And the plot of the game begins into the planet of Chiron. A colonized mission is set by the UN to the several Chiron planet.

In the game, the player can select a leader from any 14 people. While taking the journey to the planet of Chiron many things get changes suddenly. Fought with the Manifold caretakers, manifold between the humans into several motives of the gameplay.

6: Master of Orion

Master of Orion is also the similar game to Civilization and was released in the year 1993. It is one of the unique games from this list and the theme is based on science fiction. This game is developed and released by the team of Simtex.

It is a single player game that is made upon the science fiction theory. This game creates a competition between the human and the AI computer. The task of the player of the master of Orion game is to take control of the technologies or construction and lots more. This game is an iconic 4X strategy gameplay filled with lots of action and adventure.

7: R.U.S.E

R.U.S.E is one of the best strategies that are in this list of the games like Civilization. The game is developed by the Eugen Systems and it is released by Ubisoft in the year 2010. It can be played in both as single and multiplayer gaming mode, the way you want it.

This is a game which has a similar theme to the game of civilization. And the gameplay of consists of several soldiers with many weapons. It can be used for several types of conditions and the units have to defend themselves from many worst conditions.

The storyline of the R.U.S.E game is different from the other games. Fought against the different types of enemies in the game, which is into several modes like easy and extreme dangerous mode.

8: Space Empires V

Space Empires V is the 5th installment of the game series into the list of games like Civilization. It was released in the year 2006 and runs smoothly on Windows PC and other platforms. This is a strategy game that is very fun to play.

This game offers to you an impressive 3D graphics quality and high picture quality. Space battle takes place and you can also take control on the ground battles. The real-time battle of the Space Empires V provides to you exciting fighting sequence.

9: Sword of the stars

Sword of the stars has a complete collection of the original “Sword of the Stars game”. The game consists of a number of 3 expansions that is Born of Blood, Argos Naval yard and a murder of Crows.

The storyline of the game is about the year of 2405, in which human scientists have found out new technologies that let you travel faster than light. The gameplay consists of 4 distinct races one is Human, Tarkas, Hiver and Liir, etc.

Each race into the game of Sword of Series has an amazing mode of transport to travel through stars and light. And select any player from a list of 8 to fight against one another by the Al and friends too.

10: Expeditions Conquistador

Select your place into history and make a deep choice and make consequences. Make a challenge for the tactical combat into the game of Expeditions Conquistador. The duration of the gameplay is almost 25 hours which is amazing.

This game is design impressively and can be played both as single and multiplayer. Into the journey of the game, the player has to explore the places. At the same time have to work on the building and also make a collection of god.

The entire game of the Expeditions Conquistador consists of five stats of the player. The lists of the stats are hunting, diplomacy, tactics, healing, and leadership.

11: Shattered Union

Shattered Union is a strategy based on games that are developed for the platform such as Xbox and PC. The game was published by 2k Games in the year 2005. It is playable in two different modes one is as single player and in multiplayer mode too.

The story of the game of the Shattered Union is made on the fictional historical background of USA. The time is for the David Jefferson Adams when he is about to become the president of the United States of America.

The players of the game have to take control of the different places into the country. By using the unit you can avoid the attacks and deploy in a specific area.


Just now, you have finished reading the Top 10+ Best Games like Civilizations that you must try out. We have finished providing all the list of the similar games to Civilizations with full information. It is time to try out these impressive games with high-quality graphics and pictures. So, without wasting any more time you better try out any of the above-mentioned games by today itself.

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