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Top 10+ Best Games Like The Sims

In the most popular game of all time “The Sims” you create, you control and you rule. The latest Sims 4 is an impressive life simulation game that provides you the power to create and gain control over the people. Explore the world of the creativity and experience the humor. Also, escape the freedom to play with life in the gameplay of the Sims 4.  Here we have gathered the name of the Top Best Games like the Sims with detailed information.

The game is about creating Sims with unique experiences and the separate personalities. Design their home effortlessly like the way you want. The games that we are about to provide in the list shares the similar features like that of Sims. It brings to you the best creative, sandbox and life simulation games that are very awesome to play. Check out the complete list of Top 10+ Best similar games like the Sims that are given below in details.

Top 10+ Best Games Like The Sims 2017

This similar game comes with multiple features and most of them have amazing visuals. We are sure that you are about the have fun to the fullest.

1: Virtual Villagers


Virtual Villagers is one of the best games like the Sims that are available on the list. It has a huge collection of the game and out of it, the first installment was firstly released in the year 2006. The game consists of 5 chapters of game series which is amazing.

This game supports the different platform of devices that includes Windows or Macs and many others. Virtual villagers gameplay is based on the theme of the life simulation that is similar to Sims. It is basically a single player game that will provide to you full entertainment.

The storyline of the game is that in the location of the game there is a volcano eruption that took place. But the incident also left some survivors and they moved on a new island to settle a new village. By using different skills set a new village on the island of the game.

2: Roller Coaster Tycoon


Explore the world of RollerCoaster Tycoon and become creative. Simply create, customize and rule over the theme park of your kingdom. Manage the buildings and then share the most awesomely created park that is nearby you.

The game is designed using the 3D graphics to make the game fun and interesting to play. The open cards are filled up coasters, rides and lots more. Roller Coaster Tycoon is very rich in its features like it avail park designer, park scenarios, exciting environment, etc.  The gameplay is available as a total of six installments in series.

3: Nintendogs + Cats Game


As you are already experienced playing several types of games like Sims. Try to out a different one by choosing a pet simulation game. Nintendogs is a development and works in progress game for the Nintendo 3Ds platform.

By playing the Nintendogs + Cats game on the Nintendo 3Ds touch screen. It will give you an amazing experience to interact with your pets in several ways. The more time you spend playing with the pet, and the better you get to know them.

The pets include puppies and kittens and they will recognize you. When you put your face on the screen the pet will try to lick you. Take care of the pets and get lots of love from them. Also, you can show off your pet in the gameplay.

4: Youtubers life


Youtubers life is one of the unique games that are available on the list of best games like Sims. This life simulation game is the best choice for you as a replacement of Sims. It was released back in the year 2016 and is compatible into different platform devices such as iOS, Android, and OS X, etc.

In the gameplay, you will have the access to gain control over the character.  And the player of YouTubers life will need to choose the videos for uploading on the channel of YouTube. You can choose your career path to be it cooking channel, gaming channel and lots more.

5: Cities – Skylines


Cities Skylines is a modern take on the classic city building and oriented games just like the Sims. In this game, new elements were introduced to make the players experience the thrill of the game. It is an open game that is highly involved with the building of the city to the development.

In this game, you have to focus on several areas such as roads, transportation and much more. And you have to care and balance the health, population, employment and lost more. Cities Skylines can be into two different modes that also include the sandbox.

6: Twinity


Twinity is a 3D chat community with endless possibilities and the best alternative of Sims. In this game, you can create your own avatar and party with friends. Play the character to dress them up and also go for the shopping.

The player of the twinity can make a conversation using the 3D chat and also the animations. Make a creative design of your virtual apartment into an authentic real virtual city. You can also create the amazing island of your own design. Do parties and flirt with ladies to make the life twinity simply extraordinary.

7: Second Life


Second Life is an online virtual world that is similar to the game like Sims. It was released back in the year 2003 and has more than 1 million of active users from worldwide. This game not only follows the footsteps of simulation but also is an incredible MMORPG. Work and built the area of the game and shop from the nearby places.

It is supported by the different platform of devices such as Windows, Linux, and Macs. Here you have to create an avatar of your own and it can be customized. And the virtual representation created by you has to get interaction from the other people.

8: Lady popular


In the online game of Lady popular, you can join with thousands of players. And you can do customization on your supermodel. It is totally free and easy to play the game which got released on 2009 and is completely different genre game from the list of games like Sims.

Lady Popular consist of the female characters that mean you have the play it as female only. Create a female character and customizing it by dressing, changing hair color and lots more. Change the look of the character completely, make your own lifestyle. And in the game, you have to find out the perfect boyfriend for her.

9: Kudos2


Kudos 2 is an interesting life simulation based on strategy game. It is basically a turn-based game that let you take control on the character. And maintain the life of the single character and the age is around 20 to 30. The game is usually a combination of life simulation and strategy based on a game.

The game gives you a task challenge to complete in a limited time for making the best of life. And the decision that you make will have an impact on your stats and several moods. If you playing the Sims games then you will surely enjoy playing Kudos 2 game at the same time.

10: IMVU


IMVU has more than 36, 655 people online engaged into playing the game IMVU. It is an online browser free massively multiplayer online role-playing life simulation game. Discover the world of the game, and you will get to meet new people from every corner of the world.

Take part in the quest and complete it, create the room of the buildings and lots more. And to start playing the game, all you have to do is login by using your email ID and password. Create the avatar and customize it by adding or changing clothes and adding accessories. Make new friends as much as possible and take part in the available activities.

11: My Sunny Resort


My Sunny Resort is an amazing gameplay and the best alternative to Sims. In this game, you are allowed to create vacation paradise in your own way. Customize the rooms, resort buildings and manage everything in the game. The game is simply filled with lots of impressive features.

Listen to the Mother Nature soft rushing sound of the waves. And letting the ocean breeze touch your feet when you are lying down under the sun. The game gives you many challenges and amazing vacation. Take care of the guest that comes to visit or spend time on my sunny resort.


As you have finished reading this post on the best Top+ Best Games like the Sims. Now we are sure that, you are going to like these games from the list that we have provided to you. Start playing any of above-mentioned games from today itself and enjoy the similar features to Sims. Most of the names of the game given in this list are available for several platform of devices.

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