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Top 10+ Best Games like Animal Jam

Animal Jam was first started back in the year 2010 and it has become popular since then. This game has successfully earned its attention to over millions of people worldwide. National Geographic Animal Jam is an extreme world of the multiplayer online virtual. The game occurs in a fictional place called “Jamaa”. Today we will be taking a brief look at the information of Top Best Games like Animal Jam. The gameplay usually consists of several biomes & animation or cartoon form player-created animals. In the game play, of Animal Jam the players are allowed to create an animal using anonymous with 3 part of a name. And those are crashing Magicshark or dressing it up using virtual clothing and controlling the environment of the game.

There are many games that are similar to Animal Jam game that offers the same type of gameplay. To help figure out the best games that share the same features like the game of Animal Jam. We have collected the information of the games that are listed below in details.

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Top 10+ Best Games like Animal Jam 2017

Check on the list of the best games similar to Animal Jam. It will provide you an amazing gaming experience like anything else.

1: Roblox


Roblox is one of the world’s biggest social platforms for playing. Each month more than 55 million of players imagine the game. And also build and play together in the immersive world of 3D. All things in the gameplay of Roblox are user-generated.

It is perhaps the best online game for the kids and teens to play. In to the game of Roblox, more than thousands number of the user-generated games are available. All the characters are customizable and are absolutely free to play, at the same time you can chat with your friends. Roblox is a free online game that has an access on your PC, Android, iOS, Xbox One & Mac. This game is just like the Animal Jam that provides you an amazing experience of 3D gameplay.

Application available to download on: Google Play Store , Apple Store

2: Poptropica


Poptropica is one of the most interesting games in the list of the similar game like Animal Jam. It is an open virtual world game that is created by Jeff Kinney. The players of the game can connect to a community that consists of over 10 million players.

Take part into an impressive multiplayer adventure game, you can choose your choice of hero in the game. Collect as much of powers you can including the powers, prizes and adjust characters by customizing them. Also, create an island of your own which will make the game very fun to play. Discover the virtual world of the Poptropica as it has over 20 islands. In the game, you are the hero and will be given a task to solve 1000+ Puzzles and the mysteries.

3: Wizard 101


Wizard 101 is a free online game especially for kids and also included into the category of adults. The game is quite similar to animal jam that let you explore the world of wizard city. The player’s sole responsibility is to keep the city of the wizard safe and sound from the evil forces.

Complete the quest given to you into the world of Wizard 101 and make a collection of magic cards. Also, discover the new worlds and collect magical game pets or creatures in the game. The wizards can also learn many types of spells and fight with it to defeat the monsters in the battle. Decorate your surroundings by gardening selecting different places like amazing castles. By using it you can create the beautiful magical garden. And enjoy watching your pet dance in the world of Wizards 101.

Available for download on: Google Play Store , Apple Play Store

4: Fantage


Fantage is a MMORPG that is filled with the virtual reality world. Players of the game will get to make customization into the cartoon avatars. Be it changing the hair color of the character, clothes and allow them to discover the virtual town.

Join to start playing the game either online or offline for free. And there are some unique events to enjoy like Christmas and Easter. This game is specially designed for the children between the ages of 6- 16 years. Take the complete benefits of the membership by upgrading its version into the premium. Make a beautiful decoration of your house by the items that were collected from the store of the game.

5: Pirate 101


Pirate is totally free to play online MMO pirate game that you must choose to play. The game is all about the flying ships along with the board game combat that is made for kids. Not only is this game only for the people of young ages but also for all the ages.

It is a very interesting 3D pirate game that gives the players an access to create the pirate of their choice. But also sail by passing the Skyway into the hopes of the treasure. You will be also given a daring task to complete. As a matter of fact, Pirate 101 is a very friendly for the people belonging to the category of all ages.

6: Club Penguin Island


Club Penguin Island is an adventure game that is filled with a mind-blowing community of penguins. To join the game all you have to do is sign up with an account. After that provide you will have the name of your penguin.

In this manner explore and discover the hidden secrets or treasures and myths. Shuffle along with your friends in the game to get leveled-up. Complete the available quest and get the rewards when it is complete. Join the party of the penguins and there is also a concert to attend. The place of the game is fully occupied by penguins meet them and discover many things.

Available to download on: Google Play Store, Apple Store

7: Moshi Monsters


Moshi Monsters is a game that is developed by a British website, especially for the children with an age of 5 to 6 years. The users of the game are allowed to select a number of 1 to 6 virtual pet monsters. The game is registered by more than 100 million of users from worldwide.

Before you explore the world of the Moshi Monsters it is necessary to customize your pet. After that only, the players of the game are allowed to navigate to the city of “Monstro City”. In the game play, you will have to get puzzled for earning “Rox” in Moshmi Monsters. At the end of the completion of the task, each monster will be rewarded by receiving points. This game is very interesting one from the list of the best games like Animal Jam.

8: Bin Weevils


Bin Weevil is an online based game, especially for the kids. It is types of game that will help your kids increase its creativity and mental limits. The game is a 3D virtual universe and it is owned by none other than gaming studio 55 Pixels.

Join the game and play it completely for free. It has been highly popular since the year 2011 and until now. The characters of the game are taken from the popular cartoon series of the same name that is aired on “Nickelodeon”. Purchase the necessary decorative items to arrange the nest getting it from the virtual shopping mall. Also, the players can add many features in the game such as garden and several numbers of rooms. Get the member benefits of pets, exclusive items, VIP areas and Dosh.

9: Transfromice


Transformice is one of the unique online games in this list of similar games like Animal Jam. It is an independent multiplayer free to play platform game developed for you. The task of the game is to collect the foods like cheese by the mice from a particular area.

The players can control the movement of the mouse using the WASD. Use the arrow keys for making movement in a forward direction or for running. Also, jump or bounce to tackle the obstacles and make many other movements. So, the main task of the game is all about collecting the piece of a cheese from different locations. And you will be rewarded bonus points if you secure 2nd or 3rd position in the game.

10: Fantage


Fantage is an online massively multiplayer game into the virtual world. It consists of different activities and the game is little same as the Animal Jam. The game was released back in the year 2010 having many numbers or multiple numbers of games.

This game works on a flash and is developed for the children between the ages of 6 to 16. As soon as you register this game you will notice a home base. And then you will be able to get an access to the home page of your friends. After upgrading the game into the premium membership you can get many benefits from it. Explore the different locations in the game.

11: Lady Popular


Lady Popular is a browser friendly game for those whole fashion games. Make a customization on the hair, clothes and lots more. Prepare the look of the lady of your own choice and also adopt some adore bale pets. The game is totally free to play. Join online with millions of numbers users and find perfect gentlemen for your lady. In case you have not open your account yet into the Lady Popular? Then visit the official website of Lady Popular, to create an account.


Here, we have concluded all the necessary information on Top 10+ Best Games like Animal Jam. Start any of the above-mentioned game that is provided above with details information. Experience these game experience by exploring the 3D world like the gameplay of Animal Jam from today itself. We strongly recommend you to play Roblox as we have also placed it on the top of the list. So without wasting anymore time start playing the game and have fun.

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