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Top 20+ Best Free Mp3 Music Downloader Apps For Android 2017

Music plays a very important role in our lives. Everyone loves listening music each time they woke up from a bed while working and even before going to bed. Listening to the song has also become like a daily needs as it helps to motivate and heals your broken heart as well. Speaking of music it is very powerful that it can change a person lifestyle and behavior. Well if you are here, then you must be looking for the best free music downloading apps available for Android. There are many free mp3 apps that allow your device to play MP3 song with an audio format supported. But not all the music player app has all the necessary features that you need on Smartphone.

To make it easy for you in searching and finding out the best music downloading apps. ,here we have come up with a list of the top Best Free MP3 Music Downloads Apps for Android device. Each of these free mp3 music downloader apps always updates its music downloads library with the latest song.Top 20+ Best Free Music Downloader Apps for Android 2017. Each of this app is rich in its features and is completely free to use on your Android device.

Top 20+ Best Free MP3 Music Downloads Apps For Android 2017 To Download Free Music Online

1: Wynk

Wynk is one of the most widely used Music downloading apps available for Smartphone. We have placed this application on the top of the list to free music apps. Here you can listen to the song from different languages be it Bollywood or Hollywood songs. Choose to listen to any your favorite song and genre by downloading it from Wynk. You can stream up to 3 million of a song with high-quality of audio streaming facilities in this App. Choose to buffer any free music streaming at very low speed of the internet. Also, switch to the internet radio for hours of uninterrupted songs.


Ganna is a music downloading app that allows you to listen to 10 several languages. Listen to the latest, most popular and trending songs available to download on your device. You can also change the theme in the application and also downloads over 30 million Hindi, English, and many others songs. Once you like any songs you can make a playlist set by its album or artist and save. Listen to the radio for limitless time and also ready the lyrics of your most favorite music. There is no limitation set for downloading an unlimited number of music and then play it offline.

3: Saavn

Saavn is a music and radio app that is best for your Android device. Check the new release of the song and the radio stations to listen to songs. Here you can listen to an unlimited number of songs by downloading them and listen in offline mode. The user of the Savaan app can play any of their favorite songs. Create playlists of your favorite songs be it English or Hindi songs. Select the song depending on your mood or artist and enjoy an endless song. And you can every time select the top charts music and listen to it anytime you want.

4: Hungama Music

Hungama Music is a song download application that you must use. It comes with Ad-free HD quality and gives you an access to download and listen to a song in offline mode. Not only it provides you the facility to download MP3 songs but also you can get music videos. This application is uploaded with several genres of a song just for you. Start earning points to redeem for free songs or tickets and lots more. Hungama music application is ready to use into at least 5 several languages.

5: Sound Cloud

Sound Cloud is a place where you get the latest songs of your favorite language and genre. It is regarded as the one of the world huge audio streaming platform consisting of 150 million songs. Make a search for different types of songs download them and listen to it offline. Also, you can make a connection along with your friends and get it touch with your favorite artist. Sound Cloud also allows you to create a playlist of your own. Set to play song depending on your mood or situation like the workout, party, work, etc. Totally ads free and listen to songs continuously without any interruption.

6: Audio Mack 

Audio Mack helps you to search any name of the song that you type. Stream your favorite music or mixtapes or the latest songs by downloading the app on your Smartphone. Limitless music streaming of any genre is it Rock, EDM, pop and many others. Create a playlist to play only the songs that you have selected. Take any download-enabled albums or songs and play them in offline mode. And into the trending section, it displays you the hottest song. Browse the playlist of the song set by mood or genre-wise. Make a search of the hottest song set by day or week or month or year.

7: Download Mp3 Music

Download MP3 Music is a free and excellent music downloader app for Android. It is a unique song player app that loads the file from the local phone memory. You can create and maintain the MP3 playlist of song and play the selected songs. Organize the music list into this music player app and listen to them. Download MP3 Music works very fast and you can download the file of your favorite song. Search for any type of song that you wish to and listen in offline mode. This app makes it the easy job for you to download any MP3 song.

8: Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager is a powerful MP3 download manager. Using this app you can download MP3 files from internet up to 3 files continuously.  The file download is accelerated with the multithreading that is of 9 parts. It is designed with the interceptions of links that is the Android phone browser and clipboard too. By using this application you can download the MP3 files in the background. And resume the downloaded stop files later on and resume it. This downloader application can load images or videos and documents too.

9: Download Manager

Download Manager is one of the most powerful free music downloader apps in this list. It offers you several file download features that include Audio or video or Torrent. But there is one thing that you should know about this app, and that is it does not support background file downloads. Smartly download Torrent files getting the magnet link or the file download URL on your smartphone. And it comes with a several language support options. Supports the HTTP Live Streaming Websites and impressively hides all files that have been downloaded.

10: Rock My Run

Rock My Run is one of the best workout music downloader applications. This application works very impressively as it gives you the access to download your favorite songs. Play the downloaded in offline mode at any time and the moment you want on your device. Select any genre of song that suits your mood and motivate you in the gym while working out. Get the suggestions of the mixed song playlist and you can create your own as well. It also offers several genres of song download options.

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11: SONGily Music

SONGily is an incredible music downloading app developed for your Android phone. It is the best app for those who love to listen to a song. Download your favorite song from the internet to play it offline on your device. It has an interesting feature that is been avail in the app and that is online video converter. The download files will be arranged after you finish downloading any MP3 files. Install this app on your device to download songs and listen to it in offline mode.

12: TubeMate

TubeMate is a free YouTube video and MP3 Downloader. It offers you a high-quality of video download and audio as well. It supports the different format of song download. The file download works by letting you extract the file from the videos. After that, you will receive lots of file options and choose your favorite MP3 format. It is a very easy to use and the file size is less.

13: Anghami Music

Get Anghami Music for your device to enjoy the unlimited free music download. It is considered being one of the biggest music streaming application available today. Play your favorite songs by simply discovering millions of playlists. The download MP3 files can be played later on in offline mode. Not only that you can also sing along the lyrics of the song by using this app on your phone. Discover songs into the music library and create your own selected songs of the playlist of music. Also look for the musical soul mates and enjoy the high-quality songs on your phone.

14: Free Music

Free music is a live streamer, downloader and music player app. Here you can download unlimited music totally for free and listen without the internet connection. It allows you to listen to your favorite song or artist. Choose any genre of the song to be it rock, electronic, rock or pop, and many others. Inyo the playlist of the Free Music app you can create millions of song playlists. Make a search of the song set by its genre or name or size. This application also introduces to you the features like repeat and shuffle songs play. Enjoy the audio player mode along with its background playback options.

15: Simple MP3 Downloader

Speaking of the best free mp3 downloader app simple MP3 downloader is one of them in the list. It is perhaps power application tool that gives you MP3 files download options. This mp3 downloader app is very rich in its features and is designed well with an impressive user interface and look. Download unlimited number of songs by using this application on your smartphone. After that, you can play the song in offline mode and listen to it. All the downloaded songs by using this application will be saved into a music download folder on your phone storage.

16: Mixer Box Lite

Mixer Box Lite is a free music player available to download and use totally for free. The file size of this mp3 downloading application is very less and light in its weight. Search for any song to get an access to the file to download and play it on your device. It is a light version application designed especially to optimize the device with less memory storage. By using this app you can download an unlimited number of songs without any charges. It has an automatic playlist with an instant personalized playlist of likes from Facebook.  Not the only Mp3 song you can also play videos from your phone or memory card storage.

17: PlaYo Music

PlaYo Music is an application that is designed to download MP3 files on your selected Android phone. Select the downloaded songs to create a playlist and listen to it as much as you want. This application allows you to stream your favorite song for free. Enjoy the access to unlimited songs download into high MP3 quality files. Stream as much as of songs you like to into PlaYo all you need is fast internet connectivity. Make the playlists of songs into the app by choosing genre-wise or depending on your mood.

18: Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio is the best thing that you can install on your Android device. It impressively gives you an access to stream and downloads high-quality songs. Tune into your favorite stations and enjoy the songs that are aired on the radio stations. The most interesting feature about this application is that you can listen to the offline mode songs without data connectivity. This app offers to you up to hundreds of interactive music radio stations. The user of slacker radio can simply create and then share own customized music stations. Also, enjoy the on-demand access permission to discover millions of songs along with the subscription.

19: Deezer Music Player

Deezer Music Player allows streaming your most favorite songs at any moment. Enjoy the playlist that is created by you with favorite songs selected. Discover the latest and popular songs and either stream them online or listen to it offline. Sing along the songs by reading the lyrics on the screen that you downloaded on your phone. Search for the song into Deezer Music player app by sort by the name of song or album and artist. Also, you can listen to the mixes song that is based on your favorite song tracks. Downloading the songs is totally free with no charges and play songs in offline at any moment.

20: Spinrilla

Spinrilla let you play the hottest and available new mixtapes for your Android. Download the songs for free and listen to the songs offline. You can create the perfect playlist of the song by selecting your favorite tracks. Use this app for not missing any of the latest hip-hop mixtapes that are available today. For listening to the entire downloaded songs there is no need of internet connection. Also, this application will keep you stay updated with the most trending music that is released till date. You can also discover radio music on Spinrilla and listen to the top hits radio, New York radio and Atlanta radio, etc.

21: Podcast Player

Podcast Player is everything that you need for downloading videos and listening to it offline. Also, you can listen to you most favorite topics into the podcast. Listen to the downloaded MP3 files and play them at any moment. Play the available videos at any time you wish to in this app. It is totally free to use and gives you an access to more than 300,000 podcasts. Speaking of the features it has a ton to offers to its users.


Since we have provided to you the complete list of Top 20+ Best Free Music Downloads Apps for Android. By now you have must have learned all the necessary details that you require to know about these free songs downloading the application for Android phone. Each of this application is well-designed and unique in its function and features. You can try out any of these above-mentioned songs downloader app by today and enjoy listening to songs or watching videos offline.

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