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How To Compress 1 GB file To 10 MB Easily

Most of the people who are using a computer at their home have lots of thing going on their mind. Is it possible to actually decrease the file size of any file you choose? To make this happen you only have to go through some process with a file compressor software or application. Compressing has become an easy job in these days as we can lot of software and application, which is capable of performing a task such as compressing a file. The well-known software under this category is WinRar, but there is some problem with this software is effective and then only 10 % of the file is compressible which is boldly not sufficient.

To help you with this software we have come up with a compressor known as KGB Archiver software, which has the ability to compressed 1 GB file up to at least 10 MB. Compressed files can be useful in many ways, but you have to pick the right application to perform the function. It is very is useful to anyone as it needs less space to save big files into your laptop or PC. This file compressor application is completely free to use and the file size is very small. To know actually how to compress 1 GB file to 10 MB very easily, continue to read till the end.

KGB Archiver – In Brief Details:

KGB Archiver is one of the finest highly compressing software that is available on the internet. It is absolutely free to download and no charges included for using the software. It has the ability to compress the high amount of rates of files into normal. It helps you to compress or decompress the archived folders and the files. Not only that, it is also well associated with the KGB or ZIP archives using this unique and powerful archiver.

It is something which is not your regular file compressor, but it brings all the changes into the world by making your storage easy. KGB Archiver software has the ability to compress large file size into a small size. At the same time, it has the feature to create the tinniest archives all because of its high compression rate. Below you will learn the ways to download, install and compress procedure of KCB Archiver.

How To Compress 1 GB File To 10 MB Very Easily With KGB Archiver Software?

Remember to get a successful compressed file with KGB Archiver software, all you need is some time to get a good compression file that depends on the compression level you choose. It is always suggested not to compress those files containing sensitive data.

Also, there are few things you need to note, check whether you have 1 GB of RAM to compress or decompress larger size of files without any errors. Learn the steps to compress 1 GB of a file by following the instructions provided below.

  • Step 1: The very first move is to download the KGB Archiver software, simply by clicking here.
  • Step 2: After that open the file and then you will have to run the .exe file set-up.
  • Step 3: Now to install the software go through the necessary steps.
  • Step 4: When the file installation of KGB Archiver software is done, launch it on your PC.
  • Step 5: From the screen select the Compress files option, and then click on the “Next” option.
  • Step 6: Choose the destination folder, Archive format and then the compression Level.
  • Step 7: Go for the Add file button, simply click on it for adding the necessary file and select the “Next” option.

Now you will have to wait for the compressing of the files to get complete, note that the time taken in compressing any file will depend on the compression level of the particular file and size. Once the process is completed you will get notified accordingly.

Important Features of KGB Archiver Software:

Speaking of the features of KCB Archiver software it is filled with tons of features. These features are quite interesting and unique. Check out these exciting features as they have been listed below in details.

  • Introducing several compression options to your choice and it is totally free to use.
  • Archives can be done into two ways one is in KGB or ZIP format.
  • Selective compression level which can be set from minimum to maximum level.
  • Secure the compressed file by setting a password to keep it protected.
  • KGB Archiver is powerful software and that is the reason it takes a lot of time while compressing.
  • Shows to you a screen with information of the current size projected size and time remaining size.
  • Provided with a shortcuts functions in the explorer context menu of KGB Archiver software.
  • It uses the algorithm encrypt of AES-256 to uniquely compressed the files.
  • Also, save the compressed file with the use of several extensions.
  • Supported files are the KGB and ZIP file formats.
  • Create the SFX module which is particularly for the windows.
  • Light in size and very easy to install it comfortably.
  • Ability to compress a file at an efficiency rate of least 90 %.

The most interesting thing about the KCB Archiver is that it smartly uses the AES-256 encryption to encrypt archives. Well, it is one of the most recommended software when it comes to file compressing.

Final Words

As you have learned the important steps on how to compress 1 GB file to 10 MB, very easily using KCB Archiver which is very rich in its features. It is now you turn, without any longer delay in time to follow the instruction given in this post. The above-mentioned steps to compress the file with KGB Archiver software is very simple and easy to perform. In this way you will be able to keep lots of free space in your PC, compressed file is the best way to decrease the file size and help you store in hard disk with less space capacity. Now compressing file size like 1 GB to 10 MB is not a difficult work anymore, it became very simple and easy. We hope that this information would be of help to you.

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