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Top 110+ Most Used Internet Slang Words And Its Full Form

We are living in the era of social networking where everyone is active having a conversation on the internet. And people talk very less to each other and mostly stay active by texting each other via text messages. Today, we will discuss with regarding the Top 100 Most Used Internet Slang Words and its full form. Do you wish to know about the common lines of slang words that are being used on Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram? If it is then you have come to the right place and get everything that you are looking for. Either you believe it or like it or not Internet Slangs are getting used widely on the internet now a day. Speaking of the origin of the slang languages we have no idea where do they come from. But what we know is it is popular on the social network and many people use it while chatting or sending text messages.

And you might be wondering why it is so popular on the internet. Let me tell you, people, they mostly like to text or send messages in a short form. Suppose the short form of want to be is “wanna” and that is the reason why slang has earned its popularity on the internet. It allows people to text and chats in a shot form and ultimately saves your times. Since slang is always been trending in all over the internet and it is so also necessary for you to know the acronyms. So that you may easily catch up the text messages sent to you from other person and understand the exact meaning they are trying to say.

Awareness of the most common slangs, and then at that times the abbreviation will allow you to understand the social media conversations. The reason behind the use of slangs languages in the social network is simple. It allows you text or chats and has the entire conversation in a very short form and less time.  And to help you understand the full form of the internet slang we have come up with a list of slang words and its full form.

110+ Most Used Internet Slang Words And Its Full Form And Meanings : Abbreviation and Acronyms

Internet slang words have been adopted in each and every region of the world. And there is no doubt people do not even hesitate to use it while texting or having a conversation in a chat room. The term slang refers to words and the phrases that are regarded as an informal way of talking to a person. Slangs words are mostly used on the internet like in a group chat of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. And people of all ages have been found using slang languages be it, teenagers or adults. Check the list of more than 100 most widely used Internet slang words and its full form of the internet.

  1. Snatched – it is used to define anything that looks appealing and describe the point.
  2. Sis – sis is just the short form of a sister.
  3. AF – It is nothing but an abbreviation of “as fu*ck. And it is widely used in the internet.
  4. ASAP – the full form of ASAP is as soon as possible.
  5. OPT- It is not the one-time password but the actual meaning of OTP in chatting means “One True Pairing”, describing the couple you appreciate the most.
  6. DM – DM literally means send me message directly on Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram.
  7. BRB – I will be right back.
  8. JK – Just kidding.
  9. Sup – It means what’s up?
  10. BTW – by the way.
  11. YOLO – you only live once.
  12. Swag – It simply says to you to be confident.
  13. LMFAO – Laughing my fucking ass off.
  14. WTF – what the fuck?
  15. WTH – What the Hell?
  16. GTFO – Get the fuck off.
  17. BelieBer – It goes for those who is a fan of Justin Bieber.
  18. Ego Surfing – use a search engine for finding out the references about yourself.
  19. Hangry – It is a combination of hungry + angry.
  20. Dweet – When you are drunk Dweet is used to express that you are drunk at the moment.
  21. LOL – laughing out loud? Lucifer our Lord!
  22. FYI – For your information.
  23. Zzz – It means that you are sleeping at the moment.
  24. LMK – Let me know.
  25. B4 – Before.
  26. P911 – Parent emergency.
  27. Bbz – babes or baby.
  28. Sry – Sorry.
  29. Plz – Please.
  30. MRI – Modify Tweet.
  31. RT- Retweet. It is one of the most common abbreviations in twitter.
  32. MT – Modify Tweet.
  33. CC – carbon copy.
  34. TweetUp – it means meeting has been set in real life by using twitter.
  35. ICUMI- In case you miss it.
  36. SB – Small Business.
  37. ASL – Age, Sex and Location.
  38. 831 – I Love You.
  39. Fyi – for your information.
  40. Dawg – It is an expression that is used to address a friend who is close to you.
  41. Phat – The short form of Pretty Hot and Tempting.
  42. Aka – also known as.
  43. Dink – Dual income no kids.
  44. Kiss – Keep it simple stupid.
  45. Props – proper respect and acknowledgment
  46. Hmu – Hit me up.
  47. Bbs – Be back soon.
  48. Asn – Any second new.
  49. Sugar Daddy – Rich old man.
  50. Icumi – In case you miss it.
  51. E2EG – Ear to ear grin.
  52. EA – Electronics Art.
  53. EDGY – Cutting Edge.
  54. ELH – Every Little Helps.
  55. EOB – End of Business.
  56. EZPY – Easy peasy very easy
  57. E_E – Tired and exhausted.
  58. EG – For example.
  59. EOM – End of message.
  60. EOC – End of conversation.
  61. F2F – Face to face.
  62. FMOT – Follow me on Twitter.
  63. PAW – Parents are watching.
  64. MIRL – Me in real life.
  65. G2H – Go to Hell.
  66. FAQ – Frequently Ask Questions.
  67. FFN – Farewell for now.
  68. NSFW – Not safe for work.
  69. JSYK – Just so you know.
  70. FFA – Free for all.
  71. FGS – For God sake.
  72. NSFL – Not safe for life.
  73. FMI – For more information
  74. H & K – Hugs and kisses.
  75. HASTAG – label on Twitter to aid searching.
  76. IA – I agree.
  77. IBK – Idiot behind keyboard.
  78. IB – I am back.
  79. IAE – In any event.
  80. MRW – My reaction when.
  81. KFMC – Keep my fingers crossed.
  82. DAE – Does anyone else.
  83. IAS – In a second.
  84. JAF – Just for fun.
  85. TBT – Throwback Thursday.
  86. AMA – Ask me anything?
  87. DM – Direct message.
  88. YMMV – Your Mileage may vary.
  89. QFT – Quoted for the truth
  90. L2R – Learn to read.
  91. SNM – Say no more. It is used to describe to a person not to speak or say any more words.
  92. LAN – Local area network.
  93. LBDN – Look busy but doing nothing.
  94. MBFAM – My brother from another mother.
  95. NA – Not available. When you are not available to send text message or reply.
  96. OGN – Online gaming network.
  97. NCB – Never coming back.
  98. P911 – Parent alert.
  99. PD – Public domain.
  100. QOL – Quality of life.
  101. TLC – Tender loving care. Used to express love and affection.
  102. W/e – Whatever
  103. GG – good game
  104. Beer me – It simply means, please somebody get me a beer.
  105. Boomerang child – It describes the child who decides to start life on its own. And then choose to come back home and live with parent due to economic shortage.
  106. Duck Face – The words Duck face is used at the time when someone makes a duck face by making pout face.
  107. Grrrl – It is about a young woman who is self-dependent and is very strong or could be aggressive.
  108. Helicopter – This slang word is used at the time when your parent is trying to gain a total control on their kid’s life.
  109. Make it rain – It means that make a rain of cash in the air.
  110. Pregret – The term used at the time of telling you not to do something that you will regret.
  111. Salmon – a man who uses or like to date women of young age.
  112. Twerk – it is a word used to define the rhythmic dance that involves the movement of hips or creating a rippling effect in the buttocks of the dancer.
  113. Rocket science – It is very hard to understand.
  114. Upskirt – It is a video or a photograph that is taken of a girl skirt with or just without the undies.

Final Thoughts:

Here we have provided to you the complete collection of Top 100 Most Used Internet Slang Words and its full form. Now you know the most common slang words on the internet and also the full form of the text that is widely used in texting. Know the meaning and use the languages as sarcasm or to text with your friends in a shorter way. But in some website slang words is strictly prohibited to use and they never allow it.

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