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Top 10+Best Free Download Managers For Windows 10/8.1/7

The Internet world has taken a new height at the present time. With the help of modern and advanced browsers now we can browse anything and explore worldwide web easily without any hassle. There are thousands of browsers who can get you a better browsing experience but what about the download managers. Though there are few download managers who claim to provide the best of the download experience but ultimately turns down. Now the question is which are the best download managers for windows which can give you the best of the download experience?

Download manager is a must have program for all windows users. If you are a windows user and if you don’t have a good download manager installed then you must facing problem while downloading movies, songs or any other file from the internet. So if you are one of those users who searching for best and free download manager for windows then don’t worry, your search ends here. Today in this article we will be discussing on the top 10+ best free Download managers for Windows 10/8.1/7 which will help you to get a better and faster downloads.

Top Best Free Download Managers for Windows 10/8.1/7

Here are presented 12 of the best free download managers for windows which will give a fast and smooth download of your desired files easily.

Free Download manager

If you are in search of an alternative to internet download manager then free download manager is what you should look for. The system is easy, smooth, and fast; and most importantly you can download your desired file in short period of time. The system has a lite version too which will be beneficial for the low configured device. You can pause, resume, stop or can even remove from the system easily. The interface of the system is designed in a smooth way so that you do not face any hassle in your download process.

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager or IDM is a considered to be the best and the most renowned download manager of all time. There are millions of people across the globe who are in use of this system and have got satisfactory results. IDM has the best track record of doing the fastest and smoothest download of all time. The interface may not be the best but it is satisfactory. You can easily get a control over your files like start, stop, pause, remove of files can be easily done with the help of this system. You can even sync your downloaded file in a proper file or folder to get the best of the download feel.

Download Accelerator Plus

Just like the other files download accelerator plus helps you to get a faster download of your desired files. The system is very easy to handle and comes loaded with different types of features loaded into it. One of the best features of this system is that you can easily do youtube downloads on this system easily. There are more features like fast download, managing your download files, start, stop of the downloading files and many more. the key focus of this system is only to download the desired files. Let it be any format of file the system can download it easily. There is a premium version of the system too which is priced at around $24.04.


If you want an instant download of files then this is what you should look for. JDownloader is a popular downloader which helps the users to download their desired files easily. The system is totally free to use and is easily available on different platforms like MAC, Linux and of course in windows. The download process is very smooth and fast with this system.

DownThem All

Till now we have been discussing on different types of download manager but Down them, all is not like others. It is mainly an extension which comes compatible with Mozilla Firefox. The system is fast smooth and easy to handle and mainly the system is very light to work with. Just like another system you can easily stop, resume, pause and remove from the download option.

Orbit Downloader

This is a well known downloading manager which needs to be looked into. The system has a good downloading speed which is well known by many. The system supports different types of an operating system which makes it a renowned system of all time. Make sure you choose the correct orbit downloader.

Flash Get

With a simple interface, this is great download manager which you can look for. There are millions of people who have this downloading manager on their device. The system has an easy system which is the best of all. You can get an easy hold of your downloaded files. Make sure to put the download in a correct manner.


Google chrome comes loaded with a downloader which in some cases was found slow and slaggy. In some cases, it is found that the downloader could not download some of the specific files. Now if you get the ninja downloader you can smoothly get a download. The chrome browser is compatible with Ninja so go ahead and download it easily.

Internet Download Accelerator

In the world of download managers, it is Internet download accelerator which everyone looks for. IDA has a huge downloading function which needs to be looked into. The high in download speed followed by an enermous amount of features make this system the best of all. The service is been available for all kinds of operating systems. So take a full advantage of it.

Microsoft Download Manager

If you are looking for a very light and efficient download manager then this is what you should go for. The system is very smooth and can download any kinds of file easily within a small interval of time. The system is only available for the windows users. There are a bunch of features loaded into the system which needs to be looked into.

Leech Get

Leech Get is an easy system designed for the download freaks to get a better downloading experience. The system gets all the features which a proper downloader should have in its system for better download functions. Almost all kinds of files can be easily downloaded with the help of this system. But the only problem with this system is that it hasn’t been updated since 2009 so some files may not be supported by it.

Xtream Download Manager

With an availability of different platforms, this system is considered to be the best of the download manager. With huge download features an improved interface, stream download manager is considered to be the best of all. Just like the above-mentioned managers this downloader to gets an easy download on their system. The system gets an easy update on a regular interval of time.

These are the best download managers for windows which need to be looking if you are having windows running operating system. All the download managers mentioned here are well known and many have been using these. Now depending on the preferences, you can go for the download the files. Make sure you download from the given link to get the trusted file on your system. The overall functions of the download managers are very easy. So hurry to choose your desired file and download it.

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