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Top 15+ Best Minecraft Mods You Must Install

Every gamer is now searching for game mods. On playing modified games anyone can explore more in a game. We all know about Minecraft games and everyone is fond of playing its strategy based game. But if you have Minecraft Mods then you can add more fun to any of its amazing games. If you are searching for Mods for Minecraft then here you will get to know about 15+ best Minecraft Mods. All Minecraft players must need to install those mods to add an extra layer to games.

Minecraft is both a single and multiplayer game which you can play using the local server as well as through business server. You will enjoy playing its multiplayer mode as on it you can communicate with all other players. In its multiplayer online mode, you can restrict as well as can allow a player to join your gaming server. The modes that Minecraft offer are amazing and very exciting. You must have a great experience if you use Minecraft mods playing its Creative, Adventure and Spectator mode.

Install Minecraft Mods:

There are different mods of Minecraft but all will be no use if you can’t able use this on your gaming.So here I am sharing how to install mods of Minecraft. Every installation of mods are different but if you use MultiMC software then you can do it easily. Ther are some other mod installation software like Direwolf pack and Tekkit Pack.

Top 15+ Best Minecraft Mods You Must Install

Journey Map

On using this mod you can determine and also can decide where you need to go or where you are going. It is a very helpful mod using which you can explore more in game. In this mod, you will get help from a map that will guide you throughout the game to achieve your aim. If you can able to know where to travel then the maximum task is complete in a game.


To make your gameplay more smoother and faster then you need to install Fastcraft mod. Whatever the configuration of your PC is, this mod can run Minecraft smoothly on every computer irrespective of any configuration. For this performance-enhancing capability, this mod is widely installed by many Minecraft gamers.


If you are running on not enough items then this mod will help you to have resources that help a lot in your gaming. It is a strategy based game and so here you need resources which you can use the time to time to progress in this game. But sometimes you might be running with empty vessels when you feel the need of this mod.

Dungeon Pack

When you get bored with the gameplay of Minecraft then this mod will provide you extra experience. This mod of Minecraft Dungeon Pack will provide you lots of things that will surely entertain you in the gameplay. It will add extra goodness to your game that makes your journey more amazing.


If you want o make your garden more beautiful then you need to use this amazing Minecraft Mod Botania. It is not amazing as the previous one but it is beautiful. This mod will fill up your garden with beautiful flowers and trees of different varieties. You might be thinking about the use of this mod.This will make the journey in this game easy as each tress and flower has some specific role which you can use after you have installed this mod.

Carpenter Blocks

You all know how many types of materials are needed to play this game. If you don’t have all those materials then you might face some complexity. But by using this carpenter mod you will have materials like beds, doors, torch, flower and many more which will help you to customize block of the house as per your choice and requirements.


This is one of the best and top Minecraft mods which you need most. This mod will add more texture t the graphics of this game. Those who are gamers they normally use high configuration systems.  Those who pc with high configuration need to install this mod as it will enhance the visualization of this game. The graphic of this game is normally very attractive but if you install this mod then you can make it more attractive and smooth.


Like Carpenter Blocks this mod also helps you to decorate the world of this game. This mod comes with many decorative materials like tables, chairs, kitchen, etc. which will make your gaming world attractive.  With these different variants of decorative thing, you can decorate whatever you want to decorate. Those who are die-hard fans of Minecraft games, they need to use this mod. This mod is said to be one of the best mod of Minecraft.

Still Hungry

As in our normal life, you need food to sustain our life. Like our normal, the players of Minecraft knows very well how much amount of food you need to stay alive in this game. You will not get ample amount of food easily in this game, you have to earn it. But with this mod, you will get different varieties of food that will help you stay alive.So to have many delicious foods on your list you need to install this mod.

Twilight Forest

Twilight Forest is another useful mod of Minecraft that will add forest, plant, and tress. The jungle will be vast and there will be many resources hidden in it. More you go deep into the forest you will get many useful resources. So you need to go through the jungle to get resources but aware of one thing, in this deep jungle, there are many monsters which can kill you easily. So you have to stay conscious on every step in the jungle.

Bateria Mod

This is another creative and more destructive mod of this game. The name itself depicts that it can be destructive. This mod will add many variants of bacteria having different qualities.  You need to keep those bacteria in secure place otherwise you might fall in the problem, You can do an experiment on these bacteria on the base.

Harvest Craft

This mod brings many food items to your diet. It adds fruits of different variants,  different fish, vegetables and different types of crops. With these foods, you can remain fit and balanced. You can use this diet food as per your requirements and using those you can experience more fun in vanilla Minecraft.

Animal Bikes

In this game, you need to travel to different parts of the world. And it is not possible to travel by foot. So you need a vehicle which you can have using this Animal bikes. This mod will offer you some animal on which you can ride the entire gaming world. Ridable animals like Dragon will take you from one place to another quickly. You can cover long route quickly using this amazing mod.

Who Am I Looking At

This is another best Minecraft mod which comes with different items using those you can have different many things to explore in this game. You might don’t know what you need to progress in this game. If you have installed this mod you can easily understand everything about what items you need, its use and how you can generate those items.Using this mod you will get many different items in this game.


Booze is considered to be the most of the mod present. If you use this mod it will help you to do brewery business. Not only that it will also help you to get all the necessary plants and things required to make the beer, wine etc. You can also go for booze which looks very realistic. This mod will help you to do business with different people from and across the nation. This mod is a must try to get some change in the game.

Minecraft Comes Alive

If you want to get some enchantment in the game then you should go for this mod. This mod will help you to get a new change to the village as you can now talk with the villagers, make friends with them hang out with them can even go for a business with them. This mod will help you give the full enjoyment of a real-life village. You can even enjoy the race which is living there for long. If you want to go further then you can even marry any girl from the locality and can get the experience of a real-life feel.

Final Words:

The Above mentioned MODs are considered to be the best for the Minecraft game. Different Minecraft MODS has different functions which help the users to experience different feel in the game. We strongly recommend you to try all the mods which are mentioned as these are the chosen the best and mostly been used. These mods will elevate the game feel and help the gamer to smoothly accomplish their mission. So hurry to try them.

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