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Top 10+ Best Root Apps For Android 2018

The Android phone itself is a freedom as you can download and use every kind of apps on your Android smartphone which is not available on the iOS device. But if you want to hack any games or apps then you need to get your android device rooted. Not only hacking apps and games, you do need to root your android device for unlocking many features like using some extraordinary apps etc. There are lots of root apps for the Android phone that you need to install for rooting your android phone.

There are multiples numbers of root Apps available for Android on Google Play Store. But as people always prefer to use the best one, therefore we have given here the Top 10+ best root apps for the android device. The root Apps for Android which we have given in this post are the popular ones and has been downloaded by millions of Android users all over the world. The root apps that we have listed here are all with good user interface and no annoying ads, not only this, you will also get many exciting features. The advantage which you can get by using Rooting apps is that, controlling over clocking of CPU and GPU of your Android Smartphone.

List of Top 10+ Best Root Apps for Android Phone

Rooted apps for android had become really popular since last past few years. As if you use these root apps you will not need to use your computer just to root your android smartphone successfully. So let’s have a quick look towards the best root apps for the android phone.

1. Greenify

Greenify is an amazing root app for android which is available on Google Playstore. It is a performance optimizer app and can also be used to save the battery life of your device. This app is mainly developed to smoothen the running apps of your device which decreases your battery life. It can boost the battery life of your device up to 2 to 4 hours. What makes more appealing is that it supports both with rooted and un-rooted devices.

2. TitaniumBackup

TitaniumBackup is an outstanding root app for android users. It has been downloaded by millions of android users all over the world. Similar to Greenify app it also allows its users to enhance their battery life. In addition, it offers backup features, such as backup stores apps, counting secure apps and organization of apps. Titanium Backup is available on Google playstore and can be downloaded for free.

3. Device Control

Device Control is one of the most used root apps. It is available on Google Playstore and can be downloaded for free. This app helps its users to have a full control over their rooted device. You can control over the CPU, GPU, Screen colors, voltage etc. It app had been received a positive response from thousands of Android users and is must download apps for your rooted device.

4. Solid Explorer Classic

Solid Explorer Classic is yet another best roots app for android users. It is a file explore based app, through which you can go deeper into the storage of your device. It provides you with multiples numbers of Cloud options, including Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive etc. With easy functionality options and multiples numbers of customization options, this app stands on the list of top 10+ best apps for android.

5. ROM Manager

As the name suggest, this app can help you to customize over your ROM. Using it one can have a full control over the ROM of their Android device. You can install and re-install new and old ROM. It is a free app and is available on Google Playstore for free. The paid version of this app comes with some amazing features such as, premiums ROMs, automatic backups, and some more. You can download ROMManager both on Rooted and UN rooted devices.

6. Smart Booster

SmartBooster is a root apps based on hanging problems. This app can clear the hanging issues of your android device. You can fresh-up the unwanted RAM. In additions, this root app comes with extra features like SD card cleaner, application manger, backup manager and application manger. So if you need apps to boost up the hanging issues of your Android phone or tablet, than this app is recommended for you.

7. SCR Screen Recorder

SCR Screen Recorder is an outstanding root app available on Google Playstore for free. As this name suggest this app helps you to record the screen of your Android Smartphone. There are several others screen recorder apps available on Google Playstore, but they do not offer that many features as SCR Screen Recorder does.  SCR Screen Recorder features 12 different languages which is quite impressive.

8. Wifi Kill

Wifi Kill is one of my favorite root apps. This app allows its user to boost up the speed of their Wifi connections. Beside that you can also eliminate your Wifi connection users. This app is available on Google Playstore for Free. So if have an intention to boost-up the speed of your Wifi connection or to elimate others users, than this apps is must download app for you.

9. Lucky Patcher

Every Android user will know about Luck Patcher. This root app offers lots of advanced features which one can look for. Some of its key features are the removal of advertisement, removal of license verification, Create Modified APKs etc. Like others apps on this list, Lucky Patcher is not available on Google Playstore but can be downloaded for free from the third party app store.

10. Supersu

Supersu works as the leading and best management tools for advance users in Android platform till date. It offers rooted Android users with a set of advanced features, like automatically access to supersu users in time, supersu user’s access logging, and ability to unroot and root your device periodically and permanently etc. You can download it from Google Playstore completely for free.

11. Soft Reboot

Soft Reboot is a popular root app among all rooted devices users. This rooted app can help its users to reboot their device quickly without taking much time. Which means you can reboot your device within 15-20 minutes, rather than then the normal time taken for 2 to 3 minutes. Soft Reboot is available on Google Playstore and can be downloaded for free on the rooted android device.

12. AdAway

Android users usually observe an advertisement while they are in online mode, but hopefully, there is a solution for rotted Android users. AdWay is one of the best apps to eliminate advertisement on the rooted Android device. In point of fact, it installs a cleaner at the root levels of the rotted device, which protect the data from the advertisement of web servers. So you can add your web servers on the list to get rid of its advertisement and unwanted popup.


These listed apps are the top 10+ root apps for android. They are being downloaded by millions of android users all over the world, and are the most trending and popular rooting apps. You can download all of them from Google Playstore totally for free. So with these entire rooted android apps you can do more adventure with your android phone. If you are having some best root android apps then you can comment down below.

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