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Top 10+ Best Android Launcher Apps 2018 To Customize Your Android

Android App Launcher is the app through which you can change the look of your Smartphone without harming your system files. Android Launcher not only allows the user to customize their Smartphone like changing the icons style, size, and much more. With the app launcher, you can give a unique and different look on your Smartphone, apart from the interface which is provided by the mobile company. There are millions of android launcher which is available in Google Play Store; however, among them, we have picked the best android launcher apps of 2018 here. Therefore, many people who want to change the look of their Smartphone can change it with the help of these best launcher app for Android device.

Moreover, these Android Launchers are the app, using which you can change the ordinary home screen of your Android phone into extraordinary one. You will just need to download these apps on your smartphone to customize the home screen, icons and much more. So here we are going to tell you about the best launcher apps for the Android phone, let’s not wait anymore and then have a quick look at the best launchers for your Android smartphone.

Top 10+ Best Launcher Apps For Android To Customize Android Smartphone

1. Launcher Lab

The Launcher Lab is one of the best Android launchers of 2018 that provides you the ultimate customization for your Smartphone. Therefore, by using this launcher lab the user can design their home screen by editing various elements like wallpaper, widgets, music, text, image and much more. Furthermore, the user can also apply various other themes from the people across the world which are available in theme store that comes with good features in it.

2. Microsoft Arrow Launcher

The Microsoft Arrow Launcher is one of the simplest and the best Android Launcher. The design of this app is unique and it is quite fast but it is not available on Play Store. However, the users can download it from the link which is given below. It works very easy all you need to do is swipe your home screen and get access to all your folders and apps easily.

3. Launcher 8

If you want to try out the best android launcher app for your Smartphone then this is the right one for you. If you are a windows phone lover then try out these Launcher 8 but on Android market, it comes with lots of features in it and it is one of the best android launcher apps as compared to other windows phone launcher. Therefore, this app provides you with the user interface of windows phone where you can change your home screen by converting your widgets into windows phone style and much more.

4. Hola Launcher

Hola is another great launcher app for the android phone that you might love using it on your android smartphone. It has many exciting features like the double tap app drawer; gesture controls that quick launch swipe and much more. So that you can easily hide all the apps from the app drawer in some simple clicks. Also, there are numbers of themes, icons etc. Which you can choose to modify your smartphone in a new way.

5. Atom Launcher

You can easily download this launcher app on your Android smartphone from the Google Play store as it is available for free. The app is having many features like you can choose your favorite theme from the bundle of themes available in the Play store. Not only themes, you will also get features like customized clock, gesture control like the other launcher apps etc. So if you are searching for a handy and less size launcher for your smartphone then you can download and install this app on your android device.

6. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is another best Android Launcher apps. This app is just like an Action Launcher that aims to provide the Android look and also comes with great features in it. However, it also includes altering things like animations, scrolling habits and icons in it from where you can select to even customize the app icon of your phone. Furthermore, it also provides a theme search engine which enables you to download your favorite themes easily from the web to use on your smartphone.

7. Smart Launcher 3

Smart Launcher 3 is a unique and best Android Launcher app. It has single home screen along with a number of shortcuts in it, which is arranged in a flower-style pattern. However, this app gives the user access to the apps quickly and also comes with features like notifications on the home screen, tons of themes which are available on your Smartphone. Apart from that, it also has security features like password-protected apps, it is very simple but very powerful and works well o Android device.

8. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is another best Android Launcher app, which comes with highly customizable and performance-driven home screen. It comes with great features in it like you can control and customize the home screen of your smartphone easily; you can also change the icons, layouts, themes and much more.

9. Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher is available on Android devices. It comes with lots of features in it like you can swipe your home screen in order to see Google now cards that give you the information. Apart from that, it provides you with quick access to Google Now Launcher; it has a button-free voice control and much more.

10. CM Launcher 3D

CM Launcher is not only one of the best android launcher app but is also one of the secured launcher apps for Android device. Therefore, this app launcher has very excellent themes collections and wallpapers through which you can redesign your Smartphone. Apart from that, you can easily redesign your Smartphone as there are a huge number of icons, 3D themes, live wallpapers and much more.

11. Next Launcher 3D

Next launcher 3D Shell Lite is another best Android launcher app with which you can even customize the floating design of the phone and that too in a 3D effect. Therefore, you can redesign your Android device with some 3D visual experience which is available on Google Play Store. Not only this, you can even change the menu button of your phone, but if you want to get access to the professional level then you will need to pay some amount.

12. Solo Launcher

If you are looking for the launcher which will give you more control to your smartphone, this is the best launcher app for you. This app comes with lots of features in it like amazing themes, controls, widgets and much more, also it enables you to customize the user interface of your Android device as you want them to work. However, it takes the only small amount of space but yet it boosts your device performance through restoring your device memory and runs smoothly without any problem.


These are the best Launcher app for Android of 2018. Therefore, if you want to try out something new on your Smartphone then choose anyone of the best Android Launcher app which is listed in the above and try redesigning your Android device in order to look beautiful and stylish. However, there are millions of launchers which are available for android devices but we have picked the best 12 out of them. So, grab the opportunity to try out this best android launcher and vote for the best one.

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