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Top Best Roku Private Channels And How To Add Them

Roku a streaming player is a popular as from it you can stream directly many TV channels. It is collaborated with many contents that help its user to stream all popular contents.  It has a collection of huge collection of channels but also it has some private channels those are called Roku Private Channels. You might be not aware of those Roku private channels but here you get all detail information regarding all the best Roku private channels.

best roku private channel

Private Channel those are present on its list are not publicly available. Channels those are present on Roku is not accessible from any online streaming channels or apps. This because those channels might contain some adult contents or might be they are some third party channels only associated with Roku.  You are using Roku but you will not able to have access to those channels unless you go through some steps.

How To Add a Non-Certified or a Private Channel on Roku

  • Visit to this URL from your computer or from your Smartphone.
  • You need to sign up to Roku account using your login credentials.
  • Go to its menu and select Manage account.
  • Now you have to select Add channel with a code.
  • Collect the code of the private channels that you want to add on Roku. Enter the access code and then select on Add channel.

After all those above steps soon you request to add a Roku private channel a warning message will appear. You can ignore this warning message. But the channel that you have currently request On Roku to add will not reflect immediately.  It will take few hours or a day to get added to your Roku profile as private channels. Generally after every 1 or 2 day full Roku database is updated for which many new channels are added to it.  So if you want to check all new channels or private channels just click on settings, System update and finally to Check now.

After everything is right then your private channel will automatically get added to your Roku channel list. Now check out some of the best Roku private channels.

Top Best Roku Private Channels  : Updated list

Maddy Mation

It is a private Roku animation channel which you can watch directly from Roku player. Here in this channel you can watch many G graded content. It is mainly a video broadcast channel where many videos are added at every minute which you can watch for free. To access this channel enter the code MADDYMATION in Roku.

Vegas Life TV

This channel is related to life style of Las Vegas. You all will enjoy watching many videos related to Las Vegas through this private channel on Roku.  It is a community channel and data is collected from the entire world and from some top news channel as NDTV and News Asia. To avail this channel on Roku enters the code VLTV3.

Hmong TV network

You all might know about the consequences of Vietnam War. After this war many people related to Hmong community left the city and take shelter on California and Minnesota. This channel offers you to see the live videos as well as some important content and article those are written and broadcasted in Hmong language. To add this channel to your Roku you need to enter HmongTVNetwork code.

Nowwhere TV

Adding this channel to Roku Private Channel list you can watch live stream and videos from many TV channels as well from many sites. If you are interests on latest tech news then this channel is perfect as it delivers content directly from NASA channel. Apart from only tech news many updated news collected from several news channel are broadcasted on this channel live. If you want to stay updated with many different news then add this channel by this code H9DWC.

NHK World

To watch all news of Japan in your native language English then add now this channel using the code NHK to your Roku channel list. Whatever news is trending on Japan along with many interesting videos are broadcasted on this channel that makes it a popular channel on Roku.

Jhanjar TV

It is perfect blend of movies, sports and other interesting stuffs. Those who are interested in Indian regional entertaining stuffs then this channel will entertain you always with many different contents. Here in this channel you will many content which are broadcasted in many languages that increases its popularity. If you like to add this channel to your list then enter code JHANJARTV.

Mango Mobile TV

It is not a free channel you need to pay per month as subscription. On this channel you can stream many contents about Indian news and entertainment. Even you can watch Bollywood movies as well as regional Indian movies. The interface of this private channel is great that offers you to stream easily and quickly. To add this private channel on Roku you need to paste this channel code MangoMobileTV.

Gem city Sports Network

It is a sport channel which is popular as it broadcasted many college and School sports.  Live stream is not working on this channel but you can see the highlight and replay of many games as cricket, football, volleyball to name a few. It is free channel which requires no subscription. Just copy the code GenCitySports and add it on your Roku Private channel.

Above are all private streaming channels which you can add as private channel on Roku. Apart from it there are many radio and podcast channels those you can add to your Roku channels. Below I am listing some private Radio channels.

Radio Reference

On adding this channel on Roku you can hear radio broadcast on weather, aviation and police band. It offers you to catch radio signals of many countries. The interface of this channel is friendly for which you can navigate easily to many countries radio channels. Add this radio channel to Roku by using this code RadioReference.

Streaming Radio 7

With same process that offered by The conservative channel this streaming radio channels many things as Christian Sermons, radio talk and direct air of Golden age. It is free radio channel which you can add by using RD7UQE code.

iTunes Podcast

It you have subscribed to some channels on iTunes you will notification every time on any new releases. But on this podcast channel your subscription will not be available here. You can search to all contents of iTunes and can watch audio and video podcast. Though it is a free channel still there are some limitations in browsing to top contents in iTunes. Use this code ITPC to add it as Roku private channels.

Along Radio and online streaming channel there are some video streaming sites which also you can add to your Roku channels. Take a look on some popular video streaming site listed below.

Goats Live

It is very entertaining channel which is known as Goat live webcam. Here you can watch some funny videos of goats those are running on the rain and some those are eating cookies. It is best channel for kids as they can pass time watching it. It is popular but live streaming is not yet included still if you want to add it on Roku then use this GoatsLive.


It is video streaming site which includes many videos of different categories.  On this site you can watch movies and even can download. If you want to watch Hollywood and Bollywood movies for free the Daily motion is another video streaming channel that you can add to Roku channels. Use this code “Dailymotion” now to add this site on Roku.

Nowhere Archive

Here you can many old and recent movies those are popular and evergreen. This site is free and contents those it offers are collected from many public sites and from the web. Its database is huge and regularly updated that makes it a popular movie watching site. If you want to add this channel to Roku then paste this code NMJS5.

Those who are interested on media can also use Roku as a music player. Now I am going to make your Roku as a media device.

Synctrix Beta

It is an app using which you can connect cloud to your Roku, Android and Chromecast. It even works as a Google drive that helps in storing your valuable documents. If you want to add it on Roku then paste this code “syntrixbeta”.

Plex Classic

It is a new channel which is available for Roku. Before there are some issues on its interface but they had fixed on the recently published version. It is free and with the help of this you can listen media on Roku. Use plexclassic code to add it on Roku private channel list.

There are many channels but if you want more then you need to add. To add your favorite channels you need to go to Roku Private Channels setting where you need to paste the access code of your desired channel. Normally there are more than 5000 legal channels on Roku but for its feature of manually adding channels, it has become more popular.  Roku is communities which become popular only for its private channels. Channels those are free to watch or unknown are available for free on Roku.  Above I have listed some best Roku private channels of different categories as Radio, Video streaming and TV channels.  Choose any from above and have more fun.

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