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Adblock VS Adblock Plus : Which One is Better?

We need to surf many sites daily for many purposes and come across many ads. Some ads are annoying and frustrating. So maximum people like to block ads for which they activate adblocker service on their browser. Among all the adblocker as per my knowledge Adblock and Adblock Plus is famous and widely used by the internet users. Both this two extension is popular and for their service, they are appreciated by some web giants like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. Both two adblocker is only to block ads.

If the task is same then what the difference between Adblock and Adblock Plus. You all might be now confuse which one is better between these two adblocker. So If you want to know in detail differences between Adblock Vs Adblock plus then this article will help you to get the answer. here in this article we are going to take on Adblock Vs Adblock plus which one is best and why. Here we’ll analyze every advantages and disadvantages of both the adblocker and at the end you’ll know which one to use and why. So without further ado let’s get started.

Why Adblocker? Is it mandatory

If you are not facing any problem in viewing ads then there is no need to install adblocker extension. When you are doing some work on the Internet and your work is interrupted by some repeated ads then you need an adblocker extension. All people think that adblocker only blocks pop up ads but there is some extension that can block Youtube ads too.

You might have watched some ads which are in between videos but if you are using Adblock then it first filters the video for any ads and then remove them. You can even manually block ads as per your choice through Adblock. Some adds might be useful or informative, you don’t want to miss them so this feature is included on Adblock.

Again some site which deals with adult content is also can be blocked by Adblocker. If some site or web address contains malware function also can easily be blocked by the ad blocker.

Adblock Vs Adblock Plus

The working principle of this two blocker is same. Both this two ad blocker is downloaded by more than 300 millions of internet surfers to get easy uninterrupted internet surfing. Adblock is first available only for Google Chrome but now it becomes compatible with other browsers too. Adblock has many features and settings using which you can block ads easily.


Advantage of Adblock

  • It is free as it is an open source program.
  • It is very easy to install and to use.
  • With the help of this extension, you can easily manage what to block and what not.
  • It comes with lots of blocking filer that will avail flawless internet surfing.
  • Provide advertisement blocking list to make the task more easy and quick.

Adblock Plus

This extension is same as of Adblock. This extension is first developed only for Mozilla firefox but later it has been introduced on some popular browsers like Google Chrome. As it lately introduced on Google Chrome it is not able to gain popularity as Adblock. With the help of this extension, you will get easy advertisement blocking as well as quick navigation. Like Adblock, this extension also blocks Youtube, Facebook and malicious functions containing ads. It is also a free extension and offers easy ad blocking service.


  • It is free and an open source program.
  • Advance tools to block ads.
  • The interface is user-friendly that helps in easy navigation.
  • Automatic blocking technology.
  • with the help of this program, you can easily block ads on Facebook as well on other entertaining sites like YouTube.

Main differences between Adblock and Adblock Plus

  1. With the help of Adblock, you can easily customize ad blocking which is not present in Adblock Plus.
  2. Adblock never slows down your browser but using Adblock plus some reported browser slowing down.
  3.  Adblock comes with many advanced features which lack on Adblock Plus.
  4. User-friendly is not up to the mark in Adblock plus as that in Adblock.
  5. With the help of Adblock, you can easily block multiple tabs which are not possible on Adblock Plus.
  6. Compatability is another issue, why Adblock is a great option then Adblock Plus.

Adblock vs Adblock Plus: Which is Better?

The Internet is now a major source of much different information, work and to remain relaxed. Nobody wants to be interrupted while surfing the internet. To have uninterrupted surfing adblocker plays a vital role. Among all adblocking extension Adblock and Adblock Plus are the two popular adblocking service. The differences between this two adblocker are slight as a result of which people are confused. Between this two adblocker, if you want to choose then choose as per your browser. If you are using Google chrome then Adblock is a great option. For Mozilla users, AdBlock plus is a good extension. In this article, I have shared detail information about Adblock vs Adblock Plus. It is all up to you which to choose as per your requirements and desired functionalities.

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