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Top 50 Cool and Interesting Websites To Visit When You’re Bored

Boredom can take you to a state of mind where you might not even feel to leave your home or even leave the bed. And for such situations, here are 50 Cool and interesting Websites to visit when you are bored. Being bored out of mind can be really frustrating and this can be due to many reasons like starting on a bad day, breakups, fight with loved ones or even if you are simply bored of boredom. No matter what the reason might be, being bored should always be a simple temporary state of mind which you should never feed it to make it bigger. So how to get out of your everyday boredom events in life?

Well, the answer is as simple as that, do what your heart says. Be it lying down or sleeping or chatting with strangers and better if you browse the internet for interesting stuff. If you have decided to browse the internet then I have something for you that might interest you. Here is a list of 50 Cool and interesting Websites to look when you’re bored. these list of sites are not just random sites but they are a collection of sites which will refresh your mood.

Few of the sites are so crazy that it will make you wonder, well that guy who made this site was bored as hell too, LOL. So without further a due let us have a look at the sites that you can go through when you are bored.

List of 50 Cool and interesting Websites to look when you are bored:

  1. SnapBubbles: Love snapping and popping the pop wraps that comes with delicate good or gifts? But wait you don’t have those with you now that you are bored. Simply visit this site to see some virtual pop wrappers which are also virtually pop able. This is a really creative site where you can pop as many pop wraps as you want. Note that, I won’t be liable if you get addicted to this site as this is REALLY ADDICTIVE.
  2. ZoomQuilt: An amazing site that is all about zoom. If you think that zooming into images taken by high definition camera and telescope is interesting then this site will really take you ot of mind. The site is all about a picture that keeps on zooming into digital trans. Looking into the pictures you will keep in zooming into different events and creative art.
  3. Pointer Pointer: This site is really unique TRUST ME! This site is all about images, but wait not any image, here on this site you can move and keep your cursor at any place you will see someone pointing right at your cursor. See it believe and me astonished.
  4. Wwwwwwwww.Jodi: This is one of those weird sites that you will really feel like, Why does this even exists? This site is all about a black screen with unformatted and unknown symbols going down on your screen as they are some alien coding or something.
  5. Falling Falling: The name of this site is just like what the site is all about. And what I mean by exactly what it is like is what it looks like, here on this site you will see objects falling. Wait but does these falling object ever really fall? Well, no.. they keep falling to oblivion through an endless loop.
  6. Eel Slap: this site will probably make you think…WHY? WHY Would anyone make this? Well, the site is all about animation which you can control of an eel that can be moved with the help of the cursor to slap a man right in the face.
  7. Patience is a Virtue: Well having patience in real life is really great but what about in a site? Well, this site will really test your patience as this site has a GIF animation Standby pleasing which never goes off and anything ever loads.
  8. Zombo: A Site that can inspire you to do anything you want. Well, but what you can do? that is only limited by your thoughts. Visit the site to understand more about this site.
  9. r33b: Want to get hypnotized? Well, this site can help you achieve that, this site is all about a toad that can hypnotize you till you get to the point where you can understand reality and matrix. … Just kidding simply visit to see this interesting site.
  10. Tane: What can be more useful than a site with flashing light when your party needs a little DJ light…This site is really a weird one which can only be explained once you visit it.
  11. Clever Bot: A site that really offers an artificial intelligence bot every one who wants to have a lifetime experience with an AI. Ask the bot anything you want and it will answer you all (from wiki). Have a shat or simply get your answer from the bot which keeps evolving now and then.
  12. Feed the Head: This site can really be a great one to play around with. Here on this site, you will be able to do all the weird stuff with the head animation until it finally disappears and pops again.
  13. BuzzFeed: Fed your inner questions and desires with interesting facts and more with BuzzFeed. The site is full of videos, memes and much more things that can be really entertaining when you are bored or in any other condition.
  14. Eat this Much: Curious about your health or do you want to be really healthy and fit? If that is the thing that you are concerned about then this site can help you out. simply visit this site and follow their instructions and follow the recommended steps to be healthy.
  15. Is it normal?: I?f you are bored and you want to know why or if you have come across many things that you cant find a solution to or if you go to a situation and want to know whether it is normal or not hen this site is for you. Type in any query and this will site will tell you whether it is normal and it will also give you the reason why it is normal or not.
  16. 9Gag: If you want pure entertainment then this site will be your straight answer. Here in 9Gags you will find pictures, videos and GIF files related to the event which are funny, serious, sad and many other.
  17. Chessacademy: If you are interested in chess but can’t play it at all then this site is for you. Learn all about the basic of chess playing in an interesting way. The interactive bot will help you learn chess starting from ground level to even expert level if you already know how to play chess well.
  18. Down for Everyone or Just Me?: Every came across any site that isn’t opening on your Laptop or your Pc or even your Smartphone? Well ever wondered why is it happening? Well with this site you can find it out. Just type in the name of the site and the Down for Everyone or just me will help you learn why the site isn’t opening for you or whether the site is really not open able for anyone else too.
  19. A Good Movie to Watch: Feeling bored and can’t find a  good movie to watch? Well, with this site you only need to select from a genre and other category and you will be offered with a list of many movies that can suit your mood.
  20. What the Font?: Are you a website developer? Need help to find a specific font that is available on a site? then this site can help you out. You can either choose to select a homepage or a definite web page to see which font is being used on that site. A really handy tool for web developers for sure.
  21. Pinterest: This is an image based site that offers many categories of images which are related to entertainment which can be related to fashion, funny, entertainment, sadness, scenario and more.
  22. Quora: You must have already heard about this site. And if you haven’t this site is the questionnaire that keeps popping up in everyone’s mind and every question on this site has answers to it. So if you have any question related to life or even you boredom then simply search here and you will find an answer to it for sure.
  23. This is Why I’m Broke: this site can be a reason why you might get broke. Well yes, this site has a lot of things to buy link to Amazon that is really interesting and you might buy too. But the fact is most of the stuff here is just for spending money on nonsense things. But even if you don’t want to buy you can visit to see the products as well.
  24. Sort By Dislikes: you might find out easily which YouTube video has the most likes but are you aware which YouTube video has the most dislikes? No? well, then this site can help you out. This site is all about YouTube videos sorted by their dislikes, so go ahead and find which YouTube video is most disliked and why. You might be shocked to find a few videos on this most disliked list which you never thought about.
  25. Bored Button: This is a list of the most entertaining websites to keep you entertained when you are bored and we are here at the halfway down at number 25. No here is a special site that offers just a  RED BUTTON that when clicked opens up a random site that can help you be entertained.
  26. Experience Mount Everest: Ever wondered about climbing the Mount Everest? Well, this is where you can make your dream come true. Well at least in a 3D simulation. With the app on this site, you can experience climbing the Everest int he realistic way possible.
  27. Awkward Family Photos: This is a meme website which is really entertaining. Here you will be able to find many awkward family photos that are really funny and weird in many ways. Go to this site and makes yourself laugh at how stupid people can be to upload such awkward photos.
  28. The Useless Web: Well, we have come through many useless websites so far this site takes the crown. The name itself is unless web which makes you think what this site might be about. Well, this site is about taking you to another useless website every time you click a Text “Take me to another useless website PLEASE”. So go ahead and visit this site and go through a list of many more useless websites.
  29. I look Like Barack Obama: This site is all about a person namely Travor who says that he looks like Barack Obama. But in reality, he looks nothing like him. He claims that he had been on streets tricking people to be the ex-president of America and made many people astonish. Well, in reality, no such thing actually occurred but you can visit this site to have a look and have a laugh or two.
  30. Corndog on Corndog: This is a website that can make your mouth water with deliciousness. The site is all about the perfection of a dinner plate with 2 corndogs lay down with an annoying background music. Only visit this site before you get a treat for yourself or you may die to starve & watering mouth.
  31. 10,000 Stars: this site is pretty much informational and can make you take a trip around the universe and teach you how small we are in this entire galaxy. The site uses stellar data to provide you with as much information as possible that will definitely help you kill your boredom. You will definitely forget about your boredom after seeing how small your boredom can be in your life and this universe and can help you go out and enjoy while you can.
  32. Do not go On: As humans, we do make mistakes right? Well, this site is all about those mistakes you made and also the mistakes that you are going to make on this site. Mistakes? What am I talking about, well all you need to do is visit the site to understand what I am talking about.
  33. BoohBah Zone: this is a definite visit site if you have a toddler at home and they are eating your head. This will offer you with many games and other stuff that will keep anyone busy for a long time so visit the site to get yourself busy too.
  34. Nicest Place on the Internet: WEll this site is what it says… get ready to get lots of love and hugs from strangers. Songs that will be played int he background will definitely cheer you up and help you get in a better mood. So visit this site immediately if you are sad or bored and change your mood in an instance.
  35. Honest Slogans: Want to get going in life with all the passion that you lost? Well, then this is the website that you will need to visit right now. This site offers some of the most inspirational and best slogans and quotes that will help you start your day over again.
  36. Rich Kids of Instagram: Do money and luxury stuff inspire you? Well, if YES then you will need to visit this site just once and I am sure that you will keep visiting this site over and over again. Inspire yourself to get out of the bed and start & get going with life.
  37. Time’s TimeLapse: Want to watch some amazing time-lapse videos then this site is for yours. Her you can see times lapse of different and famous events and places which can really uplift your mood and teach you how life moves on even when you are sitting in one place.
  38. World CAM: Want to travel around the world with the street view camera? Well, If yes then this site is for you as it allows the public viewer to see the world through Street view cameras.
  39. Lamebook: Well, if you are Facebook then you might have noticed that there are many things being uploaded to Facebook that are totally lame and stupid. And this site is all about this lame stuff. Here on this site you will be able to view all the lame things that have been updated on Facebook.
  40. This is a gaming site where you can play with people from all over the world. Ther are thousands of player and the game is based on simple interactive gaming which allows it to be really enjoyable and fun to play.
  41. Dear Photographs: Want to see some amazing photography without any edit? Visit this site to see some creative photography that will really inspire and mesmerize you to the bottom of your heart.
  42. TuneFind: Trying to remind you about a song that is stuck in your head? Well then visit this site and simply hum the song or type in the lyrics of the song a little and the app will work its way through finding the song that you are looking for.
  43. Viral Nova: Are you into reading articles or books? If yes then this site can be the perfect time pass place for you.Viral Nova comes with millions of articles that are going viral or have gone viral all over the internet. With a lot of topics to choose from, Viral Nova is definitely a site to visit for reading lovers or not.
  44. Pixel thoughts: Are your thoughts on your mind making you go crazy? Mediate with all the throughs that you want and leave the rest to the site. this is a great site that will help you to calm yourself down easily without any problem at all.
  45. Dog Vision: Want to see how your dog views the whole world and even you? Well, then this site can help you do that. Simply visit the site and upload or select from pictures that are on the site as well.
  46. LOL my Thesis: This is a site where you will be able to upload your so-called Thesis and you can even get them rated. LOL, really something that you must try.
  47. Adobe Kuler: This site an help you get information about all the color combination and color detail that you might have been thinking about. Want a new color for your room but don’t know the name of a color? Well, this site is a simple answere to your question.
  48. Hemingway App: Are you a writer and you are mad about all the grammar mistakes and this is getting into your head? Well, that happened to me too until I came across this specific site which helped me with all my grammar mistakes. So go ahead and visit this site to solve all your grammar issues.
  49. Creepy girl: Bored and want to see something scary? Well, this site is for you. I won’t say much but simply visit this site to get all the scary stuff you want to see.
  50. What Should I Read Next?: This site can provide you with all the information you need for reading a new book. So if you are novel, book, script reader then provide with all the information on what mood you are in and what you want to read and the site will offer you will the best suggestion to read from.

So there you have it, people. These were the list of the Top 50 Cool and interesting Websites to look when you are bored. Choose any of the sites provided above and I promise you won’t go bored anymore. All these sites are definitely worth a visit whether you are alone or not, bored or not. Enjoy these sites even when you are with friends and have a laugh of your lifetime

If you find any of the site to be not working or down then simply leave a comment and we will replace the site with a new site. Hope these list of sites will help you get entertained when you need to. Enjoy.

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