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Top 10 Best Kodi Skins 2018 To Make KODI Beautiful And Attractive

Kodi, it is an award winning free media center with cross-platform software media player support. Kodi that is earlier known as XBMC, it is a free and also open source of media player app. It smartly allows you to watch Movies, TV Shows or play Music and also view photos. This is supported by a wide range of device that includes windows, iOS, Android, Linux and Raspberry Pi too, also you can use kodi to stream on chromecast now. If you looking for anything where you get all the entertainment then Kodi is a must use. Today we are going to have a discussion on the top 10 Best Kodi Skins available to download.

Going into a further discussion about Kodi is the most powerful thing is its Adds-Ons. Skins are available usually to make the media player more unique in its look. View the videos or photos in a stylish and colorful skin. Often times we usually get bored of seeing and using the same old boring skins all over again. But those time is going to over soon when to start using the different types of skins in Kodi. best Kodi skins bring the changes in the appearance and look of the media player. By applying these best skins which you are about to find out given below. It is going to be totally awesome to use these free best kodi skin 2018. so Check it out.

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List of Top 10 Best Kodi Skins 2017

1: Aeon Nox Skin

Aeon Nox Skin deserves the top list when we discuss the available best Kodi skin. It is well supported in all the devices and it is very light in its size. Aeon Nox does not get simply hang on the running system. This skin is totally designed with the modern look keeping its look that of the classic Aeon. It is the unusual combination of attractive looking and simplicity in its customization.

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2: Black Glass Nova Skin

Black Glass Nova Skin ported from the media portal, one of the unique and best skins available to be used for Kodi. It is very simple, free and easy to use, designed with the fan art oriented for the full HD TV screens. Rich in its features and with lots of customization home options. It also includes the Artwork downloader and then the skin widgets. Also, it features the clear art along with the clear logo and lots more.

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3: Eminence 2.0 Skin

When it comes to Eminence 2.0 Skin it is very clean and simple yet modern. It works very fast and smooth but lacks in features. But the look of the skin makes the user very pleasant to use it. Searching for the smooth skin performance giver with fewer customization options, then most probably this skin is the right choice for Kodi.

4: Amber Skin

Amber is one of the best skins available to download and to use in Kod. It is totally free from any bloatware, with easy media navigation interface and customizable home menu. It impressively uses few of the textures from the Mediastream and Aeon Skins. This skin runs smoothly and provides a number of unique features on a supported device.  The other features of the Amber skin involve the background customization too.

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5: Mimic Skin

Mimic Skin is very rich in its feature as it has the touch of the refocus & Aeon Nox. It is well maintained with smooth functions and supported in various devices. Mimic Skin is available to use different colors, featuring its users of customizable home items. Not only has that it also had the impressive touch support with impress TV shows logo.

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6: ReFocus

ReFocus Skin is one of the most beautiful skins from the list of the best Kodi Skins. Speaking of the features of the skin it is very rich in it. Also, provides several types of customizable settings option such as home items. The key features of Refocus Kodi are that it has the artwork downloader, skin widgets and touch support too.

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7: Xperience 1080 Skin

Xperience 1080 Skin is one of the most favorite Skins by the Kodi users. It is a full width of panel based skin that offers a resolution of 1920 X 1080. The key features of the skin include the horizontal home menu, smooth animations and also TV shows logos too. It comes with only a partial touch support and smartly integrated functions. This skin delivers to you a skin that comes with a focused graphics quality.

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8: Nebula Skin

Nebula Skin is very simple in its look and specially designed for the Full HD TV Screens. It provides the light and also with a dark color skin. The key features of the skin include the home items, live TV, torch support and extra fan art too. Speaking of the design it is not that amazing but works very smoothly.

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9: Ace Skin

Ace Skin is very rich in its features and is light in its weight. The skin is filled up with lots of customization and rich in its feature. But when it comes to the Live TV and PVR it does not support. Besides that taking about the other things about Ace skin, it is totally excellent.

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10: Transparency Skin

Transparency is a cool fan art skin and is a free source to download and use. The main feature of the skin is to provide full-screen view functions. As a matter of fact it one of the best fanart skin from the list of Kodi Skins. The important key features of transparency skin are custom home items and vertical home many others.

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How To Change KODI Skin? 

When you install KODI for the first time then it will be installed with its default skin called confluence which is one of the best KODI skin of all time and maximum KODI users prefers to use that default.
But after knowing these above mentioned skin if you want to know how change KODI skin then follow the simple steps

  • Open KODI then go to System.
  • Next go to Settings and then Appearance.
  • Now select Skins and then Get More and select your skin and change it.


As you have, already finished reading the full details information of the Top 10 best Kodi Skins available to download for free. Now it is your decision to make which one to choose as the skin on Kodi. With these unique kodi skins, you can keep the Kodi looking cool and fun to use. Download these Kodi skins right away and keep your Kodi media player look unique and cooler than ever.

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