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Top 10 Best Christmas Movies to Watch This Christmas

Few days left for Christmas, one of the biggest festivals of every year. The celebration will be all around and people are getting ready with plans in this Christmas Eve. Some will go on a vacation with friends or family but those who will stay in hometown will also have lots of fun.  You with your friends and family can watch films related to Christmas in TV or can book a show in a theater.

There are many films related to Christmas and films that will runs on theater during Christmas festive. This article is to provide information about best movies to watch this Christmas 2017. Below I am listing out some films that remain best to watch during Christmas holidays and some that going to release or still running in a theater.

Top 10 Best Christmas Movies to Watch on this Christmas

1: It’s a Wonderful Life

It is a fantasy and comedy film which was directed by Frank Capra. When it was released it had got many appreciation and positive reviews. It has become so famous that it has become a traditional movie of Christmas. If you haven’t still watched this film then this Christmas is the perfect time to watch this film. The main story of this movie is about a man who needs to save peoples who are going to suicide in Christmas festival season which all come in his dreams. It is one of the best films of Hollywood which has been nominated several awards and a most critically acclaimed film.

2: A Christmas Story

It is another best comedy Christmas film which remains one of the great Hollywood films ever made. The main story of this film is about nine years old boy who wants a rifle from his mother, teacher, and even Santa Claus but everyone rejected giving him a warning “ You will shoot your eyes out”. Though he has received lots of presentation, but he is disappointed as he is looking for a riffle. One by one he opened all gift packs but in the last box, he gets what he was looking for. From here the story began and watching this comedy film you will get lots of entertainments.

3: Home Alone

It is another comedy film which has been released in the year 1990. It is all about a trip where a family left behind their boy McCallister in Paris. This film holds a record of highest income comedy film in Hollywood for a long time. Still, it remains a highest earning comedy film in northern part of America in every Christmas season. The story began with a fight for which he has been punished and sent to the sent to third floor of the farmhouse. That night happens a tragedy, due to the heavy wind in the night there cause power outage reason which alarm automatically reset. Next day all have to leave Paris but in rush, they mistakenly left behind their son there. When Kelvin wakes up he saw there are no mom and dad here. At that, he was not upset as he was free. Watch this movie with your family as it is the best movies to watch this Christmas.

4: The Nightmare Before Christmas

It will be a best Christmas movies for you and especially for your child.  It is a best-animated film which is based on a poem written by Tim.  This film has remained a very successful and had achieved many prestigious awards as an animation movie. It is a story about a town named Halloween where Jack is the king. This town is full of ghost, zombies and much more and every year in this town Halloween is celebrated. King Jack has become bored with the same theme of every year Halloween celebration. A new theme is organized by king where Santa Claus arrived with gifts. This is little bit story of this film which you will better understand and enjoy if you watch the movie this Christmas.

5: The Muppet Christmas Carol

It is a drama and comedy movie based on a novel A Christmas Carol. It is an animated film but the character is very entertaining.  It is a perfect family film and in it, you will experience the amazing character of Gonzo and Rat. If you are not planning to go out in the Christmas day then you can spend time your family watching this movie. Many films have been produced depends on the novel but among all The Muppet Christmas Carol is the best. So if you still don’t watch this film collect or download it and pass an entertaining day with your family.


If you fond of comedy cum horror film then Gremlins is a movie to watch this Christmas. The story of this film is great and also its funny gothic scene will refresh you and your kids. This film has one sequel and both remain a profitable and a well-reviewed film. This is all about a man who strange receives an animal named “Mogwai” and makes it his pet. But after few days he realizes that this animal has some gothic activities in it. It creates animals and makes them evil and monster. It will be a great time in this Christmas watching this great film with your friends or kids.

7: Jumanji 2

You all might have watched Jumanji movie which has been released long years before. It is a movie about a game which was discovered by two kids. It is a game where you have to survive from many deadliest wild animals. The main aim of this kids game is to return from deadliest avatars to normal life. Now, this old jungle game is back again to entertain you. This time it is Jumanji-Welcome to the Jungle which will get to release in this December. As per news, this film might get to release before Christmas but if it is not aired then you can enjoy the old Jumanji film with your kids in this Christmas.


If you and your kids love to watch animated films then Ferdinand is a great movie to watch this Christmas. This film is based on a book “The story of a Ferdinand”. It is an entertaining story about a bull whose name is Ferdinand who refuses to take part in a bullfighting game. But he has been forced and put in the game circle to face many bullfighters. This movie is recently released and successfully achieves a huge response from the viewer’s worldwide. If you want to pass your time with your family watching movie then it is another best movie to watch this Christmas.

9: Frosty the Snowman

It is a story about a snowman who lives in Glaciers and love to slide and march in the snow as Penguins. The story is amazing which surely entertains you and kids. A sequel has also been released where this Snowman tries to eliminate Snow and glacier from the world. The story along with its amazing graphics will entertain Youngers. It is a perfect movie to watch in Christmas and like some other films, this is another traditional Christmas film in USA.

10: Rare Exports-A Christmas Tale

It is a fantasy, thriller and horror film which released in the year 2010. This film is all about a group of people involved in finding the secret of Santa Claus. They discover a wild Santa Claus in the mountain which they trap in a case export to different parts of the world. This is the basic story of this film Rare Exports, it has many other interesting things which you will experience watching this movie.

Above I have listed which you can watch in this great festival Christmas 2017. Among all above-listed films, some are based on a story about Santa Claus or Christmas and some are the big releases in the month December 2017. You may like to travel to a different destination, attending a great Christmas party in this Christmas but if you want to pass some time watching a movie then these are the top rated Top 10 Best Movies to Watch This Christmas.

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