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Top 10+ Best Browsers For Windows 10/8.1/7 2018 Edition

One doesn’t need to search for a lot of options when it comes to finding a browser for  Windows. You can easily categorize all the browsers available out there as the best browser for Windows. The custom browser available with Windows is the Internet Explorer and over the years it has been trolled mercilessly and it can be easily said that all people refrain from using this browser. The sole reason being this web browser being super slow and that’s why people search for other browsers. Without a doubt, all browsers are supported for Windows PC and it doesn’t matter which version you are using.

Sometimes the Browsers are chosen by the users depending on the type of work they want to do. Most of the browsers have their own privacy and security policy to protect your contents from others. Having a good browser installed on your PC is more important as all your internet browsing activity and productivity depends on your Web Browser only. We have compiled a list of all the top browser from the whole bunch of browsers. Without taking more time let us have a look at those top 10+ best browsers for Windows 7/8.1/10.

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List of the Top 10+ Best Browsers For Windows 7/8.1/10:

Before choosing any one of your best browsers at least once have a look at the list of browsers given below. After reading the below guide, choose your needful browser or you can download them from their official websites as well. So, let us start with the basic details of the best web browsers for Windows 7/8.1/10.

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is rated as the most useful and user recommended Web Browser for all the version of Windows. Basically, Google Chrome is the official product of Google. Inc. You can simply download this product from the Google’s webpage to get the awesome features provided by it to you.

Almost all the add-on and extensions are supported by this web browser for making your works more simple and easier. Besides that, you can able to get fast browsing speed with security through this browser. Even you are running the browsing in a low-speed internet connection then also this browser helps you to open the page quickly as possible.

2. Opera

Opera is a free web browsing software which is developed by Opera Software Company. This web browser is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. If you want to use this browser on your mobile phones then you can use it as Opera Mini. This is also an oldest web browsing application for Windows 7/8.1/10.

It has some of the special features like integrated Adblocker, turbo mode, battery saving mode as well. So feel free to install this software on your PC and experience the most useful features provided by this application for your internet browsing.

3. Maxthon Cloud Browser


It was launched in the year 2008 and now it is popular for its simplicity and User Interface. It makes the whole browsing experience advanced as it is loaded with many features as an ad blocker, screen capture, inbuilt audio video downloader and many others. A recent version of this browser released which comes with a combination of two browsers, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. They also released a beta version where you all will have security advancement, information assistant, password management, etc. They also developed a browser named Nitro using which you can feel what the actual speed a browser need to have.

4. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is also well known to us as Firefox Web Browser. This is a totally free app which helps you to install this app on any Windows with other platforms too. One thing we want to clear you that all the professionals always prefers you to use the Mozilla Firefox browser on Windows PC.

To make this browser as your dedicated browser you can add the entire needful add-on to the Firefox browser. Moreover, this browser is too much secured as it will help you to browse the internet in a pleasant way.

5. Microsoft Edge

The default web browser which you will get with Windows 10 OS is Microsoft Edge. This is the official product from Microsoft Corp. which allows you to browse the internet in an ease. You can also consider this Web browser as one of the fastest and lightest web browsers as well.

As this browser is integrated with Windows 10 thus you can also use the facility of Cortana in this browser. If you are using the other version of Windows rather than windows 10 then you can install the setup of Microsoft Edge as well.

6. Torch Browser

Till now we are talking about the normal as well as well-known web browsers for Windows. Now we will introduce another Web Browser for Windows i.e. the Torch Browser. This is a Chromium-based web browser which provides u a bundle with an inbuilt feature in it.

Torch Browser comes with an inbuilt media player which help you to directly play the media file from internet through your browser. In addition, you can able to download Games, Movies, Series and much more through the dedicated apps of this browser.

7. Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer is a very clean user interface based web browser to give you a pleasant feeling in internet browsing. By default, this browser is remain installed with Windows 7, 8.1 Operating System. Generally, there is no issue arrived in the Internet Explorer till now.

The latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer is IE11. Almost all the needful features needed for the Internet browsing is available in this software. We will recommend you to use the latest version of this web browser to avail all the features provided by it to you.

8. Tor Browser

Tor Browser is a special browser which provides you maximum security features than others. It has a capability to block the cookies and keeps to browsing in private.

This browser is also used as a tool which you can integrate with another browser to get more private browsing facility as well.

9. Safari

Safari is a top listed browser which is developed by Apple Inc. Basically, this browser comes with Mac OSX which provides you a different UI compared to other web browsers.

Besides that, some of the versions of Safari Web browsers are there which you can easily install in Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 as well.

10. Dolphin browser

dolphin browser

Dolphin is another browser which is designed and developed for mobile. Though it is developed for Android and iOS handset but still using it on mobile you will have a desktop experience. It is a friendly, secure and customizable browser for mobile.

11. UC browser

UC browser

UC browser is another best browser which is compatible with every type of operating system. It is popular for its speed and fast download process. There are many tools using which you can enhance your browsing experience. It is quite popular as a browser for windows but it great as a mobile lightweight browser.

That’s all about the top 10+ best browsers for Windows 7/8.1/10. If you want any of the web browsers from the above list then you can feel free to download them on your PC. Hope you all are satisfied with the information which we have given here about the list of best web browsers for Windows OS. So, stay safe and enjoy the best browsing by choosing any one of the web browsers from the above list.

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