What Is IRCTC Cancellation Charges Of Tatkal Ticket 2023

IRCTC also is known as Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation handles all the works on Indian Railways. They include catering, tourism, online ticketing everything. In addition to it, now you can book Tatkal Tickets online. But do you have any idea about TRCTC cancellation charges of Tatkal ticket and IRCTC refund rules? So, while you cancel the ticket, you must also know the IRCTC refund rules. However, as the India Railways has made incredible differences for booking as well as cancelling ticket, here we will provide you some steps of charges of cancellation of confirmed Tatkal e ticket.

There are different rules and charges of IRCTC based Tatkal ticket cancellation. And, you must keep in mind that those rules keep on changing every time. In that case, you should know each and every step of canceling Tatkal ticket. First, the booking will start from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. For AC travelers its 10 am to 11 am and for non-AC travelers, it’s 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. Before, canceling Tatkal tickets are never refunded. But, with the modern world advancing, passengers can easily get half of their money back. So, here we will review some of the railway ticket cancellation fees for a waiting list and confirmed passengers.

IRCTC Cancellation Charges of Tatkal Ticket and IRCTC Refund Rules:

Make a note that before you go for any cancellation, first you must know its IRCTC refund and cancellation rules. Or else, it will be difficult to get your money in return. We will also provide you train cancellation charges and rules of Tatkal ticket. And as you know that IRCTC has made a new rule where you can easily get your 50% refund.

In other words, to give you all the details about cancellation charges of Tatkal ticket check it below. A detailed description will be provided. Before 48 hours of train departure, if you cancel your Tatkal ticket, the charges per passenger will be;

  • Executive Class or 1st AC will be @ Rs 120
  • First Class or 2nd AC @ Rs 120
  • AC Economy also called Third AC will be @ 90
  • For Second Sleeper @ Rs 60
  • For 2nd Class at Rs 30

So, these are the confirmed and waiting for ticket cancellation charges IRCTC 2017. Remember that you can only get a refund between 48 hours . After that, no refund will be given back. In case you want to cancel confirmed tickets from 24 hours before train departure, then 25% charges will be taken from the train fare paid.

IRCTC Tatkal Cancellation Charges for Wait listed Passengers:

For the waitlisted passengers who wish to cancel their tickets, full payment will be given back. But only after deducting each passenger clerkage charge. This is the Tatkal waiting list ticket cancellation rules. Now, check the waitlisted cancellation clerkage charges for each passenger.

  • Second class Unreserved= Rs 15
  • For Reserved Second Class= Rs 30

IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Cancellation Rules:

Apart from that, Ticket cancellation will only be done before any chart preparation. Also, even after chart preparation, if your ticket is still on the waiting list then it will be canceled automatically. Finally, you will get refunded your money back according to IRCTC rules. But remember that if you are going for e-ticket then you can cancel online. All you need is the same account from which you have done e-ticket booking. As a matter of fact, for the confirmed Tatkal ticket, cancellation is not possible. And once your tickets get canceled you will be seen as a passenger without a ticket.

IRCTC Refund Rules:

  • You can either cancel your tickets online or in the ticket counter for refund policy. Unless chart preparation is done you can cancel your ticket and ask for a refund. But cancellation rules must be followed.
  • If you are supposed to cancel your tickets online, and then refund will also be operated through the same account. Furthermore, in some cases, cancellation is not possible after chart preparation. Likewise in some case, with TDR services cancellation is possible after chart preparation.
  • The IRCTC ticket cancellation refund time ranges within 7 consecutive days. And your money will be refunded after online cancellation policy.
  • In case trains have met any accident, flood or any natural calamity, a full refund will be provided to each customer. For that very cause, you must cancel your tickets within three days of departure date.

How to Check IRCTC Refund Online?

Follow the below-written steps for checking IRCTC refunding status online. Let’s check out properly;

  • First of all, visit the IRCTC official website.
  • Now hit the My Transactions
  • Hit on the Refund Status of Cancelled Tickets.
  • Now, to get all your entire refund details, hit on the Transaction ID.

In this way, you can easily find your refund status online. This is all that you need to know about IRCTC cancellation charges of Tatkal ticket and IRCTC refund rules.

We hope now you can be aware of the procedures of the IRCTC cancellation charges of Tatkal ticket and IRCTC refund rules. As a result, we have also solved your queries regarding railway ticket cancellation charges for a waiting list. As the new scheme for IRCTC cancellation rules has assigned in Indian railways, now you can get all the opportunity from online booking and cancel. For more queries, we suggest you stay in touch with IRCTC website.

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